Samsung updates its televisions at CES 2023

We continue with the review of a CES 2023 that is proving to be very prolific, and we do it by reviewing the news presented by Samsung in relation to its televisions, with many and very interesting news, in addition to the confirmation that the Korean technology is already ready to adapt to the new regulatory framework that will begin to be applied in the European Union from March 1 of this year. And in this regard, the company already arrives with its homework done, since its new televisions have already adapted to it.

But before tackling that new regulatory rule, let’s start by reviewing what Samsung has brought to Las Vegas, which can be summed up in the new Neo QLED, MICRO LED and Samsung OLED lines along with lifestyle products and accessories. Said like this, it may not seem like much, but the truth is that we have come across quite a few announcements, so we are going to review them.

Samsung updates its televisions at CES 2023

We start with the news in the family Samsung Neo QLEDthe brand’s top-of-the-range, with proposals with 8K 7 4K resolutions that are supported by the brand’s own integrated, the Samsung Neural 8K, responsible for processing the input signal, whatever its origin, for all intelligent image treatment functions (upscaling, color and brightness adjustments, HDR, etc.), many of which are based on artificial intelligence algorithms to provide the best possible result.

Particularly noteworthy in this regard is the television Quantum Mini LEDequipped with a 14-bit processor and has intelligent image scaling based on AI, to which are added multiple functions such as Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro, capable of providing the user with a realistic three-dimensional image.

I mentioned previously, and it is worth evaluating it individually, the image treatment that Samsung Neo QLED televisions do in terms of wide dynamic range (HDR) images. As you already know, this technology offers a better, more vivid color representation across the entire spectrum (from highlights to shadows). Although today more and more native content is generated in HDR. the vast majority of what we see is SDR (Standard Dynamic Range), but these televisions have all the necessary elements to process them in real time, thus offering HDR quality images from SDR content.

The interconnectivity between devices is key, not in the future, but in the present. In this regard, these new screens can be used to control directly (that is, without the need for any additional device that assumes the role of hub) Zigbee and Thread devices, in addition to the fact that this 2023, the SmartThings Zigbee & Matter Thread One-Chip Module will be directly integrated into Samsung products, and that SmartThings will be able to manage not only Samsung devices, but also other third-party IoT products , thus providing global control of our home infrastructure and connected devices.

Samsung updates its televisions at CES 2023

We also found, as I mentioned at the beginning, novelties in the MICRO LED and Samsung OLED families. The first adds new models that expand its offer, in terms of size, in the powerful range that goes from 50 to 140 inches, with the image quality and reduced consumption provided by Micro LED technology. Samsung’s intention with such a wide range of sizes is, without a doubt, to provide solutions that adapt to all types of spaces.

Regarding Samsung OLED, the new 2023 range will feature refreshed 55, 65-inch models, as well as a new ultra-large 77-inch model. To guarantee image quality, these new models use Quantum Dot technology, developed for Samsung’s Neo QLEDs, as well as Neural Quantum processors. In this way, these screens combine the best of the veteran and very effective OLED technology with its own improvements, until now, of higher-end screens, such as the elimination of some limitations in terms of brightness and color representation.

As you would expect, the extended range offers a 144 hertz refresh rate and, of course, all the features smart from the manufacturer, such as Samsung Gaming Hub, which offers users the possibility of playing in the cloud without a console, from their Smart TV. And, for the first time in an OLED TV, they include AMD FreeSync Premium Pro Certification for the best OLED gaming experience.

Samsung updates its televisions at CES 2023

The special spaces require special screens, and that is precisely the league in which the players play. Samsung lifestyle devices, displays and projectors where performance, premium features and design go hand in hand. On this occasion there are two devices presented by the brand:

  • The Premiere 8K: An 8K resolution, ultra-short-throw laser projector, offering users the same ultra-large screen as previous versions, but now with even higher resolution. Supports a screen size of up to 150 inches.
  • The Freestyle with Smart EDGE Blending: The Freestyle is the most flexible device, allowing consumers to watch what they want where they want. In 2023, thanks to the new Smart EDGE Blending feature, users will be able to use two of the devices and view content in a 21:9 configuration without the need for manual alignment or adjustment. In this year, The Freestyle will also be compatible with Samsung Gaming Hub.

Samsung updates its televisions at CES 2023

We end this review of the new televisions presented by Samsung at CES 2023 talking not about televisions, but about one of the most important accessories for them, their sound solutions to accompany the screens. These are the three announcements made by the Korean technology company in this regard:

  • AI Sound Remastering: In 2023, Samsung’s flagship TV and soundbar will offer AI-powered sound remastering to remaster every sound to ensure voices are clear, ambient sounds are fully immersive, and each component is at the appropriate volume.
  • New sound bars: In addition to the flagship soundbar, HW-Q990Cwith 11.1.4 channel sound compatible with Dolby Atmos, the ultra-slim sound bar, HW-S800BAt just 40mm high and 38mm deep, it offers surround sound with Dolby Atmos and its 3.1.2 channels.
  • Q Symphony: A new version of the harmony between the television and the sound bar. Q-Symphony will provide higher sound quality thanks to the work of the TV’s Neural Processing Unit, which will be in charge of analyzing the audio signals and processing each sound with more detail than ever before.

What happens in Europe?

As we have already told you at the beginning, as of March 1, the European Union will begin to apply a new standard that imposes limitations on the Energy Efficiency Index (IEE) for electronic screens. This new regulatory framework will establish new energy labels with the aim of promoting sustainable energy consumption, which, as regards our homes, will translate, thanks to this improved information, into lower electricity consumption.

Among the announcements made by Samsung in the context of CES 2023, in this regard, the company has stated that with almost two months to go before its entry into force, they are fully prepared for it, stating that they will be the first on the market to comply in its entirety with the new European regulations on energy efficiency labelling.

As stated by Nacho Monge, Business Director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics Iberia: “Sustainability continues to be one of our company’s top priorities. That is why we continue to focus on promoting energy efficiency by applying various measures in a wide range of products. In this way, Samsung will ensure that its 8K products available in the Spanish market comply with European regulations without problem”.

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