Samsung Wallet brings together mobile payment and password management under a single app

the owners of Galaxy smartphones will soon have access to the new Samsung Wallet app, an off-road tool with which they can store tickets and tickets, certificates (such as the COVID-19 vaccination certificate), cards, digital keys, passwords, and even credit cards and cryptocurrencies. And it is that Samsung has wanted to combine two of the favorite applications by its users, to create a true digital portfolio within our mobiles.

Until now, Samsung Pay has been Samsung’s leading all-in-one payment solution available on many of the company’s Android devices. It allows users to store digital copies of their credit or debit cards with a layer of encryption to prevent any digital sabotage.

Thus, during the same launch event of the long-awaited Galaxy S22 series, Samsung revealed a future arrival of a new solution, and Today finally, the new Wallet is here.

Samsung Wallet features

In this way, although we previously had Samsung Pay as the main payment platform to compete with Google Pay, and Samsung Pass as a password manager to face Google’s auto-fill and password reminder service, Samsung plans to recover part of this land offering these two services, and more, within a single app.

Announced at the beginning of the year during the first Galaxy Unpacked event of this 2022, finally as of today the vast majority of users in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe who have any of Samsung Pay or Samsung Pass applications installed on their terminals will be forced to upgrade to Samsung Walletreceiving an alert to download the new Samsung Wallet app and migrate your existing data.

However, we can also find this new app directly available for download through the Galaxy Store.

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