Samsung will address the performance issues of its smartphones

The manufacturer has taken good note of the performance issues observed on its smartphones, and will soon deploy an update to remedy them.

Samsung has finally reacted to the many feedback from users who deplore performance problems – more specifically, throttling – observed on thousands of popular applications. The firm explains that it has taken good note of the problem, that it has begun to identify it, and that it will soon deploy an update to remedy it.

We truly value the feedback we receive on our products and after careful deliberation we have decided to roll out a software update very soon so our users can monitor in-game performance.”, explains spokesperson Kelly Yao in a statement to The Verge.

An optimization service at the heart of the problem

This is a direct response to a problematic situation for the brand. Indeed, it appeared that the devices of the Korean manufacturer had the annoying habit of artificially limiting the performance of very many applications, including some of the most popular.

The Verge explains that the concern comes from the Game Optimizing Service, a software platform supposed to modulate the performance of the machine in real time according to the load of the processor. In theory, this helps improve the experience on demanding games while also saving battery life when the SoC isn’t under heavy load.

These returns concern in particular the essential Instagram, TikTok and Netflix. More surprisingly, the problem would even affect certain applications of the Samsung overlay; we have thus seen frustrated reactions to the slowdowns observed in Secure Folder or even in Samsung Pay. On the other hand, tests carried out by a Korean Youtuber have apparently shown that not all applications are in the same boat.

An update is coming

The Verge claims that these performance problems did not concern benchmarking programs, in particular the essential 3DMark. If necessary, it would be a real concern for transparency, because many users, especially the most advanced, attach great importance to these tests. However, if the device suffers from slowdowns that do not appear at the end of the benchmark, this score is no longer representative of the real performance of the device.

Anyway, Samsung has taken good note of the concern and is now working to resolve it. The firm has not communicated an exact date for the release of this update, but we can expect it to be deployed in the relatively near future.

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