Samsung will invest 15,000 million in a research center for advanced chips

Samsung will invest about 15,000 million dollars until 2028 on the construction of an advanced chip research complex in South Korea. Its facilities will be built on the group’s Giheung campus, and when it is up and running, it will lead the group’s research into new technologies and manufacturing processes for memory wafers and semiconductor systems.

The announcement occurred during an event attended for the first time by the Vice President of Samsung, Jay Y Lee, just days after obtaining a government pardon for his bribery conviction. Lee, who is the de facto leader of the Samsung Group, addressed the company’s employees and managers at the presentation of the project, to whom he assured that they will undertake «a new challenge from the point where we began to break ground 40 years ago to build our first semiconductor factory«.

Lee also pointed out that if the company had not made “bold investments in research and development for next-generation products and those that came after, there would be no place in the semiconductor market for Samsung today.” We need to continue our tradition of investing proactively and emphasizing technology.”

The facilities of the Samsung chip research and development center will occupy 109,000 square meters of its Giheung campus, where the first 64 MB DRAM memory module was developed in 1992. It is located south of Seoul and is one of the company’s three main semiconductor production facilities in South Korea. The other two are Hwaseoung and Pyeongtaek.

Samsung’s chip division was responsible for two-thirds of its operating profit in the second quarter of this year. Samsung has also mentioned that during this period, in terms of chip production contracts, it has obtained the highest quarterly income.

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