Samsung would be ready to ditch Android for Fuchsia

Samsung could choose to bet everything on Fuchsia for its smartphones in the future. This is a new operating system designed by Google that may be expected to replace Android. It shouldn’t be done right away.

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Google has been working on a new operating system for a few years now: Fuchsia. While Android is based on a Linux kernel, Fuchsia would be based on a house kernel: Zircon. A total reconstruction of the Google ecosystem. This OS could change everything in the future, and Samsung is very interested in, according to some leakers.

Famous and often knowledgeable leaker Dohyum Kim tweeted that Samsung would prepare to part ways with Android on its phones. The goal would obviously be to move towards Fuchsia. However, this is not expected to happen quickly, as the transition is expected to occur in the next few years.

Samsung could opt for Fuchsia to replace Android

This is not the first time that such a possibility has been mentioned. Indeed, Ice Universe, another famous leaker, had already mentioned this future last May. A possibility that makes sense, given that Samsung would participate in the development of this revolutionary new operating system. On paper, Fuchsia only represents advantages. First, it should run all Android apps, which should ensure a smooth transition for users, and even invisible to those unfamiliar with tech.

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In addition, Fuchsia has the particularity of functioning on smartphones and tablets as well as on connected objects. A multitasking OS that will allow strong convergence in home automation. Finally, voice commands should be taken into account directly in the operating system, and no longer just via an application.

Nevertheless, information is scarce on this still mysterious Google project. We know that it has been in development since 2016 and that it could replace Android in the long term. The Mountain View firm could start the transition in the coming years. It is therefore not impossible that in 2030 we will no longer have Android smartphones, but Fuchsia smartphones.

Of course, we will have to watch the news about this OS which knows how to be discreet and we hope to know a little more in 2022.

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