Samsung would remove one of the cameras from its high-end smartphone

A new leak claims that Samsung may be removing one of the cameras from its next high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This could be good news, we explain why.

According to several leakers on Twitter, the first prototypes of the Galaxy S24 Ultra will soon see the light of day for production expected in the fall, and Samsung’s plans are currently to abandon one of the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s four cameras. As a reminder, the Galaxy S23 Ultra uses a 200 MP main sensor, a 12 MP ultra wide-angle sensor, a 10 MP telephoto lens offering 3X optical zoom as well as a 10 MP periscope offering 10X optical zoom.

According to @Tech_Reve, on its Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung would like to remove the 3X telephoto lens. This would mean that the high-end smartphone would now only use 3 cameras on the back. To compensate for this, the periscope would offer variable zoom from 3X to 10X. Another leaker, @RGcloudS, claims that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be able to optically zoom to three different focal lengths equivalent to 4X, 7X and 10X, or 5X, 10X and 15X depending on what Samsung chooses for the final model.

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Samsung will remove one of the photo sensors from its Galaxy S24 Ultra

The removal of one of the cameras from the Galaxy S24 Ultra could be good news, especially if Samsung uses a periscope capable of replacing the telephoto capabilities. This would allow the Galaxy S24 Ultra to save space inside the smartphone.

Samsung could use this space saving to use larger photo sensors. This would allow it to align with the various Chinese manufacturers, who already mostly use a configuration with three large cameras.

Samsung could also choose to use this space to house a larger battery in its smartphone, and therefore increase the autonomy of the device. 5000mAh, it would then be possible to go to around 5500 mAh. It would also be possible for the Korean giant to allow its battery to recharge faster by cutting it in half, as other manufacturers are already doing. Samsung has been stuck at 45W of maximum power for several years, while its Android competitors are all compatible with 100W (or more) fast charging.

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