Samsung’s Galaxy Fold5 and Flip5 will be presented at the end of July: this is what we know

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen rumor

Although the names are still not official, it would be strange if Samsung did not follow the numbering with the names of its new folding. But what we already know is that these new phones will be officially presented at the end of July, since the brand has sent a press release confirming that the next Galaxy Unpacked will be held at the last week of july.

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It will be the city of seoul the one that receives press from all over the world, and where the next Galaxy Unpacked is held, the event that the brand prepares every year in key cities to publicize its next flagships. And this time we will obviously meet the new generation of phones with folding screens, which will presumably be the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 if there are no surprises.

The only thing left for us to know now is the exact date of the event, something for which we are betting that it will happen between July 25 and 26. We’ll see if we succeed.

What do we know about phones?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Rumors around the new devices have obviously not been lacking, and one of the most popular is that of the Z Flip5, which supposedly would incorporate a larger external screen. It is a feature that inevitably had to be, since competing phones like the motorola razr 40 ultra They already include this style of all screen on the outside.

Something that has also been ringing around both devices is that the hinge system would have been redesigned to offer a fold in the form of a drop of water. This design, which would leave an internal gap in the fold area, would make it possible to soften the folding curve, thus achieving greater durability in the long run and leaving much less folding marks, something that has been widely criticized in all previous generations of folding. .

Regarding the official launch date, rumors say that the new foldables would not take long to reach stores, with August 11 being the date chosen to place the new terminals on shelves around the world. It would, therefore, be an early launch compared to previous years, possibly due to Samsung’s need to cash in on the low semiconductor revenue generation in recent quarters.

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