Samsung’s new smart fridge has a larger screen than your PC

Samsung’s new smart refrigerator from the “Family Hub Plus Smart” series that the firm will exhibit at CES in Las Vegas, will not only stand out for its cooling capacity, but also for a huge touch screen with 32 inchesgreater than the average size of the monitors installed for PCs.

The “smart” category has been extended to any device, from the smallest wearables to large household appliances, which today, as a digital center and in addition to managing its operation, can manage the home automation section and offer functions additional purchases, entertainment or access to Internet services.

For a better interaction, a few years ago Samsung included touch screens in its high-end refrigerators. What concerns us is the largest that the manufacturer has ever installed in its large appliances. It has a 32-inch diagonal, Full HD resolution, and occupies almost the entire right door of the refrigerator. It is placed in portrait orientation for easy scrolling through its interface.

Samsung’s new smart fridge works as a hub SmartThings with the ability to control lights, blinds, switches, motion detection sensors or other home automation components that the user has connected. It has enabled intelligent assistant functions in charge of the alexa from Amazon and is compatible with the service Your Essentials from Amazon, which allows users to automate the purchase of groceries from the screen.

It also includes the free service Samsung TV Plus, which offers around 190 television channels in the United States and supports a good number of applications, including streaming video, music or news services, access to social networks or even Android games. In the press release, Samsung even mentioned a new Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode so the user can read a recipe on the screen while playing a YouTube video in a floating window.

Users can access and play photos and videos from a shared Google Photos folder or upload images to display as a collage via the “Bespoke Atelier” companion app. By having, it even has integration with cloud storage services like OneDrive. And if you get bored, you should know that a developer installed the Xbox Game Pass application to play great games like Doom Eternal on xCloud on the screen of these Samsung refrigerators.

No price has been provided, but it will not be an economic series since there is talk of a price of $3,200. We assume that in addition to all of the above, it will keep the beer very cool…

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