Santoral: What saint is celebrated TODAY, November 2? Day of all the faithful departed

Santoral: The Catholic Church celebrates this Tuesday, November 2, the Day of all the faithful departed, and in this way honors the faithful who have finished their earthly life.

This day, and like every November 2, the All Souls Day; a journey in which the Catholic Church seeks to honor the memory of those who no longer continue in earthly life. The objective of this commemoration is to dedicate oneself to prayer for all the souls of the baptized deceased who still remain in a state of purification.

The Day of the All Souls has its origin in the year 998, when a special day was created to pray for them thanks to the Benedictine monk San Odilón from France. The idea was adopted by Rome in the sixteenth century. In the Second Book of Maccabees it is written: “John Maccabee commanded to offer sacrifices for the dead, so that they would be freed from their sins“.

The background to the commemoration

In the early days of the Christendom the names of the brothers who had left were written in the diptych, which is a set formed by two folding tables, in the shape of a book, in which the church The primitive used to write down on two paired lists the names of the living and the dead for whom they were to pray.

While in the 6th century the Benedictines they were in the habit of praying for the dead on the day after Pentecost. In the 5th century, there was a celebration similar to the Saturday before the sixtieth day before Sunday Easter (Second Sunday of the three that were counted before the first of Lent) or before Pentecost.

Around the year 980, according to testimony of the medieval chronicler Viduquindo de Corvey, in Germany There was a ceremony dedicated to the prayer of the dead on November 1, a date accepted and blessed by the Roman Church.

Perhaps because of the millennial movements (around the year 1000) the commemoration of the faithful departed on November 2, became popular and spread throughout Western Christendom, until, eventually, it was accepted as the date on which the church would celebrate this commemoration.

On Mexico, as well as other Latin countries, the tradition of attending the pantheons to pray for the souls of those who have already left this world, a feeling that is accompanied by a deep feeling of devotion, where it is believed that the to be loved who left will go on to a better life.

Other saints who are also remembered:

  • San Acindino and companions
  • Saint Agauno abbot
  • Saint Ambrose of Agauno
  • San Carterio de Sebaste and companions
  • Santa Daría Bochana
  • Saint Ernino anacoret
  • Saint George of Viennes
  • Saint Just of Trieste
  • Saint Malachy of Armagh
  • Saint Martian of Chalcedon
  • Saint Margaret of Lorena
  • Saint Victorino of Pettau
  • Saint Winefrida of Holywell


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