Santoral: What saint is celebrated TODAY, November 3? San Martin de Porres

Santoral: The Catholic Church celebrates this Wednesday, November 3, San Martín de Porres, recognized for his dedication, devotion and care to the sick and most needy.

Martin de Porres born in lime, Peru, on December 9, 1579. He was the son of Juan de Porres, a Spanish knight of the Order of Calatrava, and Ana Velázquez, a woman of Panamanian origin. From an early age, at the age of twelve, he began to learn different trades, including hairdresser, dental assistant and medicine natural.

Martin he became a surgeon and is remembered because his house was always full of beggars and people who did not have the economic capacity, so they were assisted free of charge and, with enough affection, by the barber and surgeon of Lima himself, which is why they began to give know.

Martín de Porres enters the convent in Lima

Martin de Porres decided to enter the convent of Our Lady of the Rosary in Lima, but due to his status as a mulatto, he ended up entering the community as “donated.” Therefore, while in the convent, he was entrusted with the office of the cleaning; and since then it is remembered that his broom was, with the cross, the great companion of his monastic life.

Since then it was popularly known as Fray Escoba. On June 2, 1603, he made his profession religious and was a cooperating brother, which is why Martin dedicated herself to the care of the sick, whom she cared for with great faith and vocation.

I agree with you testimonialsHe cared for everyone, loved them, and cured them without any distinction or because of their ethnic origin (indigenous, Spanish and black). For their cares all sectors of the society Lima, so it became a true example of unity in a society fractured by various conflicts and stigmata racial.

Martin de Porres He died in 1639 and his remains are in the Basilica of Santo Domingo in Lima. San Martin became the patron of the Dominican Cooperative Brothers and of the social justice. Besides, his patronage spread over the years to the poor, barbers, the public cleaning guild, pharmacists and nurses. He was also recognized as a patron of Caritas.

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