Santoral: What saint is celebrated TODAY, November 5? Saint Angela de la Cruz

Santoral: The Catholic Church celebrates this Friday, November 5, Saint Angela de la Cruz, mother of the poor and founder of the institute. Sisters of the Cross.

Angela Guerrero González, Better known as Sister Angela de la Cruz, she was born on January 30, 1846 in Seville, she was born into a simple family. His parents were Francisco Guerrero and Josefa González, who had fourteen children, however, due to the terrible mortality child existing at that time, barely six came of age.

Angela’s childhood

The father of Angela She passed away at an early age, but her mother managed to see her daughter’s charity work: her mother was nicknamed “the grandmother” for the many virtues that defined her. When Angela was little she disappeared, and everyone started looking for her except her mother, who instantly knew where he was in one place; on the church.

Years later he entered the Sisters of Charity, where she came to wear the habit. Unfortunately, she had to leave it temporarily and leave the convent after suffering an illness. She couldn’t be a nun in the convent, but she convinced herself that she would be nun in the world.

She had a phrase that accompanied her throughout her life: “you have to become poor with poor“. Ángela Guerrero González died on March 2, 1932 as a result of a stroke. To date his remains are preserved today in the crypt of the Mother House in Seville, Spain.

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