Santoral: What saint is celebrated TODAY, October 19? Saint Paul of the Cross

Santoral: The Catholic Church celebrates this Tuesday, October 19, Saint Paul of the Cross.

Saint Paul of the Cross He was born in Ovada, Italy, the son of a wealthy merchant, whose life changed when at the age of 19, when he heard a sermon in the church of his hometown; from that moment he decided to live a life inspired by the penance and daily prayer.

To young Pablo the Virgin Mary, who introduced him to the black habit, a contemplative lifestyle and the shield of his future congregation of the Passionists, which he founded. This order was inspired by the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ.

Monsignor Gattinara, Bishop of Alexandria, dressed him in his habit in 1720 and since then he lived in the hermitage of San Esteban, in Castellazzo. He was brother of John the Baptist of Saint Michael and took the religious name of Father Pablo de La Cruz.

Follower of Saint Francis of Assisi

He went on a trip to Rome where he held an audience with the pope Benedict XIV, who approved the rules of his congregation. Which was called called Congregation of the Passion (known as Passionists), founded after a long path of spiritual search.

This congregation was destined for the contemplative life and the missions of evangelization. In the life of Pablo He always highlighted his love for the Eucharist, his penance and his tireless prayer and preaching. Similar to the one who lived San Francisco de Asis, Saint Paul of the Cross stripped himself of fame, wealth and social position. At the age of 80, he was canonized in 1867 by the Pope. Pius IX, so you are reminded of the October 19.

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