Santoral: What saint is celebrated TODAY, October 26? Saint Evaristo

Santoral: The Catholic Church celebrates this Thursday, October 21, Saint Evaristo, who would be the pope who assigned the tituli to the priests of the church from Rome.

Saint Evaristo He is the fifth Pope of the Catholic Church, whose pontificate lasted from 99 to 108; so he was the pope who closed the first century of the Christian era. Little is known of this bishop of the Church of Rome, apart from his name appearing on the list of Irenaeus of Lyon,

In ancient texts, such as Liber pontificalis Some more information about the pope is mentioned Evaristo, which has not been proven, such as that he was Greek and the son of a Jew born in Bethlehem. It is also mentioned that he was a martyr and that he would be the Dad that assigned the tituli to the presbyters of the church.

Why is Pope Evaristo remembered?

In this text it is also mentioned that the Pope Evaristo would have presided over three ordination ceremonies: 17 priests, 2 deacons and 15 bishops, and that he instituted a group of three deacons who were to watch over the same Pope and his preaching.

After his death he was buried on the Vatican hill near the tomb of Saint Peter and the see remained vacant for 19 days. Unlike its predecessors, the name of the Pope Evaristo does not appear in the ancient Roman Canon, indicating that the absence of information about it dates back to the first centuries of the history of the church.

Your condition of martyr It is also mentioned in the Martyrologium Hieronymianum, in the list of the potato, dated December 23. But in the roman calendar drawn up in 1969 was removed from the list of martyrs, this because the exact date of his death is unknown. death.

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