Santoral: What saint is celebrated TODAY, October 28? Saint Jude Thaddeus

Santoral: The Catholic Church celebrates this Thursday, October 28, Saint Jude Thaddeus, an apostle who, according to various New Testament texts, was one of the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth.

TO Saint Jude Thaddeus he is remembered for being part of the group of “the twelve” apostles; was born in Cana of Galilee, today Palestine, and was the son of Alphaeus (or Cleopas) and Maria Cleopas.

Judas’s father, Alpheus, was the brother of Saint Joseph and his mother, first cousin of the Virgin mary, so Judas Thaddeus was Jesus’ first cousin. His mother, Maria Cleopas was one of the pious women who had followed Jesus from Galilee and that they remained at the foot of the cross, on Calvary, next to Mary.

Alphaeus (Cleopas) was one of the disciples whom Jesus appeared to him on the road to Emmaus, just on the day of his Resurrection. Judas Thaddeus had four siblings; Tiago, José, Simón and María Salomé, one of whom, Tiago, was also called by Jesus to be an apostle.

A family close to Jesus of Nazareth

According to the texts of the “Holy Scriptures”, the relationship of the family of Judas Thaddeus with Jesus Christ himself was very close, since even Tiago, one of the twelve apostles, became the first bishop of Jerusalem.

For his part, Joseph was known as the Just, while Simon, another of the brothers of St. Jude, was the second bishop of Jerusalem, successor of Tiago.

For its part, Mary Salome, the only sister of Judas Thaddeus, was the mother of the apostles Santiago el Mayor and San Juan Evangelist. The first of them was called Tiago the Lesser, and thus be differentiated from the other apostle, Santiago, who, being older, was called the Elder. Coexistence between Saint Jude Thaddeus with his cousin Jesús and his uncles, María and José, he was always very close and fraternal.

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