Santoral: What saint is celebrated TODAY, October 29? San Narciso

Santoral: The Catholic Church celebrates this Friday, October 29, Saint Narcissus, who is remembered for having served as bishop of Jerusalem Bishop of Jerusalem and who died at the age of 116.

Narcissus was born at the end of the first century in the city of Jerusalem, from where he was trained in the Christianity, in the year 180 he was consecrated bishop, the thirtieth in the see of Jerusalem. When Daffodil He acceded to his position already had an advanced age. In 195, he attended and presided over the council of Caesarea to unify with Rome the day of the Passover celebration.

San Narciso He was accused by three of his clergymen of a heinous crime, because they could not resist the example of his life, nor of his success, however, he forgave his slanderers and made the decision to leave his post, to “see with modesty the action of the hand of God. “

Narciso went into exile for 8 years after being accused of a crime

Daffodil He retired without anyone noticing, to an unknown place where he stayed for eight years, during which time one of the slanderers he publicly confessed his lie. From that moment on Daffodil returned from his self-banishment to public life and remained accompanied by his faithful until he was 100 years old.

It is recalled that many were bothered by the saint’s severity and discipline demanded in his diocese, so after his exile he returned during the government from Gordio. As he already felt too old to resume the bishopric.

Already when he was in the last stage of his life, Daffodil came back from hiding, that’s when Alexander, the bishop of Flaviada in the Cappadocia, I go with you. He succeeded him in office. Narcissus is said to have died at the age of 116.

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