SAP and Intel highlight the benefits of becoming smart, connected and sustainable enterprises

SAP and Intel have held the virtual event “Business Transformation Tour”, in which it has been exposed how to recover operational efficiency and maximize profitability without losing sight of sustainability, in line with the motto of the meeting: Beyond business.

The act has had the intervention of Felix Purse, CEO of SAP Spain; and Norbert Mateosgeneral director of Intel for Spain and Portugal, and with the participation of executives from companies such as Kern Pharma, Ximenez Group or Ilunion, who have shared their experience of transformation beyond the business.

Félix Monedero stressed that for SAP, companies must look beyond their own business, generate a greater impact on society, with a more humane and inclusive vision, and be sustainable in order to “leave a mark by generating less and less of a mark, with the aim of achieve zero emissions, zero waste and zero inequalities”.

In addition, he emphasized the importance of “becoming smart companies, connected with customers and partners, less vulnerable and capable of responding more quickly. Organizations that act like this attract more talent and have more benefits” and pointed out that the challenges of this transformation are the reinvention of the workforce, generating transparency, flexibility and resilience in the supply chain and fighting against all types of risk, as well as cybersecurity.

A transformation that changes traditional operating models

For his part, Norberto Mateos assured that this digital transformation has a significant impact on organizations, which requires a change in business culture to make it more dynamic and tolerant of risk, but also requires rethinking traditional operating systems and models to respond to the needs of customers in a more agile way, allowing innovation and at the same time being more sustainable companies. Among those changes is the remote work adopted in recent years and ensured that SAP and Intel can help companies with the optimized and distributed infrastructures that are required in this new normal.

Throughout the day, the case of different companies such as Vodafone, Cirque du Soleil, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Revlon or Natura, which have carried out transformation projects with which they have gone further, was mentioned and analyzed. of their businesses.

Real cases of companies that with their transformation have gone beyond the business

Executives from Spanish companies such as Kern Pharma, Ximenez Group and Ilunion have taken part in the event to explain how their paths of transformation have been.

  • Kern Pharma is a reference pharmaceutical laboratory, created in 1999 with a vocation for serving society, and whose activity is focused on the manufacture, development and distribution of medicines, mainly generics. Its CIO, Óscar Aparicio, explained that they have based their transformation on the cloud because it allows them to focus on projects that add value to the business and provides greater security and scalability. They chose SAP for the efficiency and reliability it provides them and because, as part of their goal to grow from sustainability, it is important to work with a company that meets the Sustainable Development Goals and creates solutions to help companies become sustainable. . In fact, thanks to this project, they have become an intelligent, sustainable and connected company.
  • Ximenez Group is an outdoor lighting company born more than 70 years ago in Puente Genil, Córdoba, which has become a world leader in its field. Its Corporate CIO, Jorge Pérez, explained that they decided to promote their digital transformation in the cloud to focus their resources on the business, with the peace of mind that their technological deployment is consumed as a service that is in the hands of the best professionals. They chose SAP because it allows them to have a homogeneous and consolidated financial control of the different companies of the group, and in the field beyond the business, they have a clear objective of fighting climate change and promoting the circular economy with the reuse of their products, among other measures.
  • Ilunion Group belongs to the ONCE Social Group and its goal of generating quality employment for people with any type of disability makes it a unique company in the world. 42% of its workforce has some type of disability. Its CIO, Juan Manuel Caballero, has explained that the strategic plan that the company designed in 2019 only allowed a digital transformation in the cloud because it was very demanding in terms of computing capacity, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. It has based people management on SAP software and as part of its digital transformation it has taken the step to RISE with SAP in order to make the transition to SAP S/4HANA.

In addition, throughout the day it was demonstrated how sustainability can be profitable and sustainable profitability and how technologies such as SAP S/4HANA, Business Technology Platform (BTP), business networks contribute to it and drive transformation beyond the business and the sustainable digital chain, along with offerings such as RISE with SAP.

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