SAP Spain launches the first public cloud project at Cepsa

SAP Spain has confirmed that it has participated in the deploy Cepsa’s first public cloud project. Specifically, in its Renewables business division, which has completed the deployment process of said cloud in five months. With the project already underway, Cepsa Renovables has managed to promote the automation of processes, as well as improve their efficiency.

This deployment has been carried out within the framework of its strategic plan for 2030, Positive Motion, with which Cepsa wants to position itself in a prominent position in sustainable mobility, biofuels and green hydrogen in Spain and Portugal. They also aspire to become benchmarks in energy transition.

To achieve this, Cepsa is going to develop various renewable energy projects, both solar and wind, for its own consumption. In total, they will have a capacity of 7GW, and of these they already have 1.5 GW connected to the grid.

But for that, Cepsa needed an adequate technological platform, with which they can be prepared to face the rapid growth in which they are immersed. It also has to allow them to manage accounting, through the integration of automated processes. That’s why they chose the SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution, a standard system with a user experience that seemed right to, among other things, reduce the learning curve between teams. In addition, it is a “green cloud”, which makes the carbon footprint impact of using it zero.

The partner in charge of deploying the SAP cloud at Cepsa Renovables was Sothis, which carried out all the operations necessary for it remotely. With it already running, Cepsa Renovables users can manage operations such as materials management, finance and controlling. Also manage your real estate assets, and do everything through a single standard platform. They therefore have a unified experience.

According to the company, its process efficiency has improved rapidly thanks to intelligent robotic process automation (RPA), which is updated every three months. In addition, they have reduced the total cost of ownership by 50% compared to the previous solution. They are also easy to maintain, and have eliminated the use of paper. In view of the results, Cepsa Renovables has decided to deepen its relationship with SAP, for which it will adopt its technological platform SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

Pablo Ronse, Head of Development of Renewable Projects at Cepsahas highlighted that «The key to success has been based on three main pillars: rapid deployment, low maintenance costs and a friendly environment, which has driven rapid adaptation and adoption by end users.”. As to Ignacio Martínez, Director of energy and natural resources industries at SAP Spainhas stressed that they are «We are very pleased to see how more and more companies are making the leap to the public cloud with our solutions, with the aim of innovating, having the latest news and, increasingly, promoting sustainability”.

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