SAT Marigómez optimizes its harvests with Vodafone’s MyFarmWeb technology

The first project in Spain of the premium mandarin growersHuelva SAT Marigomezhas been launched by Vodafone together with the MyFarmWeb platform.

The company is already using Vodafone’s platform and technology to gather and study soil quality data, humidity, temperature, the presence of pests, the concentration of nutrients or the consumption of water and energy, through various Internet of Things (IoT) sensors distributed throughout their land. This data is processed by MyFarmWeb, which has a mobile app, and converts it into information of interest so that farmers have a total view of everything that happens in their more than 110 hectares.

In this way, at SAT Marigómez they can take much faster decisions and rigorous, maximizing the quality of its production, optimizing water consumption and at the same time reducing waste and its environmental impact. All this has a positive impact, which is improving the yield of their crops, while maintaining their objectives in terms of premium quality and sustainability. This smart farming initiative can be seen at the Vodafone stand at MWC22.

Moisés Infante, technical director of the SAT Marigómez farm, commented: “MyFarmWeb will enable our farm to be future ready and is proving to be a game changer. With the platform, we are able to collect data from multiple sources, such as soil quality, nutrient concentrations and yield, and turn it into commercially viable information, ensuring that we make faster and more informed decisions, maximizing efficiency while reducing waste. time waste and environmental impact. This is just the beginning for our farm and in the future MyFarmWeb will allow us to use more productive and sustainable farming practices, which is increasingly important to comply with the legislation”.

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Accelerating digitization in Europe

Daniel Jiménez, general director of Vodafone Business, affirms that “MyFarmWeb is a great example of how digital technologies and the data access they provide can help the agricultural sector become more efficient and sustainable. Together, we can accelerate the European Union’s efforts to make the agricultural sector more resilient and efficient, helping farmers meet the goals of the ‘farm to fork strategy’which is part of the European Green Deal, through the use of digital technologies.

Vodafone Business has also set up other pilot farms in Germany, Ireland and Italy that are already using the MyFarmWeb platform, as are 7,200 other farmers in the US, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Through this pilot, Vodafone Business intends to speed up the digitization of agriculture in Europe by providing farmers with a easy to use mobile app connected to IoT sensors for agriculture.

As part of its efforts to promote green and sustainable farming practices, Vodafone Business is working with partners across the value chain, including equipment manufacturers, suppliers and research institutes to introduce new applications and technologies.

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