Save 30 € thanks to the Well Played box, including 5 eco-designed games for the whole family

The Bien ou Bien platform has just unveiled a limited series box set that includes 5 eco-designed games to offer or to offer for a very affordable price.

This first Good or Good box set also has the advantage of giving you a low price: because these 5 games grouped together in 1 single shipment allow the platform to offer it to you at a reduced price of 39.90 € (versus € 70.90 for the set at public price)! It would be a shame not to enjoy.

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Contents of the Well Played Box

Dungeon: A marble that must be guided through a dark maze. A 100% made in France mini trip. Not only is the game insane, but the creator (Romain Guirec) went out of his way to manufacture it in the Paris region and to use a 30% vegetable Formi, a mixture of recyclable plastic and wood waste. The color game “quasiKlein” is a special Good or Good edition.

Klimato: The future of the planet depends on your choices. Discover the climatic consequences of an energy-intensive world in this educational and family-friendly card game that raises ecological awareness. Take power and develop the greenest city in all of Klimato! Created in Toulouse, Klimato is made from FSC certified cardboard and paper, from European forests. It is assembled in Bavaria, Germany, in order to limit transport.

The Crab Walk: A super immersive and clever cooperative deduction game! Critically acclaimed, inspired by Arthur de Pins’ comic book, La Marche du Crabe is a game in which the two playful crabs are completely dependent on each other and must cooperate… not to mention! Have you seen crabs chatting a lot? This Opla game is fully developed and eco-made in France.

Toupunk spinning top: A spinning top to make yourself. The Toupunk top is a pretty minimalist and aesthetic piece that is part of an ecological approach. It is assembled on a mechanical wheel reminiscent of the era of steam engines. Each piece has been laser cut. Once assembled, the router is solid and easy to handle. It is made of wood. No polluting material was required. It is therefore a sustainable and ethical game that responds to environmental issues.

Legends: Mini adventures that work without a screen. Hybrid concept that mixes old-fashioned labyrinth, retrogaming and role-playing. Each game cartridge has its own universe and a hero associated with illustrations that will help you get out of the dark undergrounds alive. Much more complex than it looks… There are 3 different Legend games. The one in the box is THE NINJA, illustrated by the incredible and talented BOULET. You will love it. In terms of materials: on the other hand, it’s still plastic… but recyclable ABS plastic and designed to last (it’s the same as the Playmo-Légo from your childhood…)! And always 100% made in France.

Buy the Well done box

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