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The aforementioned modality that Amazon offers us is a subscription that we can take advantage of and that provides us with a good amount of benefits. Starting with free shipping on a good number of its available products. In addition, we can also have electronic books at no cost, a cloud storage service for photos, or a platform streaming videos, among other things. But of course, as you can imagine, this subscription that we are talking about brings with it a cost.

Specifically, and after the recent increase that Amazon’s Prime subscription has suffered worldwide, to take advantage of all this that we tell you, we will have to pay around 50 euros a year. Depending on the use we make of these services, it will be worth this payment to us, or not. With everything and with it, below we are going to talk about a simple trick so that you only pay this subscription when you really need it. For example, if you are going to make a large number of orders, or you are going to take advantage of the streaming video service available for a certain time, you can always use the monthly payment.

This means that you will only pay for all these services and platforms for those months in which you contract it. So you only have to pay 4.99 euros during those months in which you decide to pay the subscription.

Pay half for your Amazon Prime subscription

But that is not the only way to save when benefiting from Amazon Prime, as we are going to show you below. It is true that for many the last ascent suffered by Amazon-Prime is exaggerated. A multitude of users around the world are opting for the temporary or permanent cancellation of the service. However, it must be taken into account that there is an opportunity to take advantage of all this at half the price, that is, for 24.95 euros per year or 2.49 per month.

This is something that we can take advantage of thanks to the Amazon Prime Student modality that you can access from its official website. Obviously, to be able to subscribe to this modality for students, we will have to register with a university email and specify when the year planned for our graduation.

amazon prime students

In addition, here we will have another important advantage over the conventional Amazon Prime subscription. And it is that, instead of having 30 days to test the service, in this case we will have a total in 90 days. From then on, and for half the price, we will already be able to enjoy all the services and platforms of a conventional subscription from the shopping giant.

There is no doubt that if you are a student you will be much more interested in this modality, and you also have to take into account that we can also subscribe to it only for those months in which we really need it for 2.49 euros.

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