Save disk space with this 360 Total Security program

We have at our fingertips a multitude of solutions in order to save valuable space on PC hard drives. It is something that we can do by hand, or opt for one of the many programs specially indicated for these tasks. It must be said that the security company 360 Total Security has a solution that can be very interesting.

We must bear in mind that on many occasions we find ourselves with several gigabytes of our disk drives occupied by useless data. These can be in the form of certain applications that we never use, as well as junk files from both the Windows operating system and other previously deleted programs. The truth is that carrying out these optimization and cleaning tasks manually can be a bit complicated and boring.

Precisely for all this we have at our disposal certain software tools that help us. On the one hand, we find those titles focused on optimization and cleaning of the operating system. But at the same time we can opt for the use of file and folder compressors that will allow us to save space. Specifically, now we are going to talk about a software developed by the security company 360 Total Security for these tasks that we are commenting on. This is the program called 360 Zip, which acts as a file and folder compressor.

Also, it is worth knowing that it is a free program forever that we can download and install from the official website of the firm. But not only does it present us with functions related to compression to save disk space. At the same time we will have some interesting features related to security and protection.

Advantages of the 360 ​​Total Security Compressor

To begin with, we will tell you that this software has support so that we can work with up to 42 types of files related to compression. This means that we will not have any problem with compatibility in this regard. And it is necessary to take into consideration that one of the most common ways for malware to reach our PC, are precisely compressed files.

Therefore, it is interesting to know that this solution of data compression that 360 Total Security offers us, uses the security engine in the cloud of its antivirus. This is a protection element that will be very useful for automatically scan files here loaded. With all this we try quickly identify some type of malicious code in the compressed files before opening them on our computer. At the same time, it offers us a user interface updated to current times and also very intuitive.

configure 360 ​​zip

It is true that, in terms of its functionality, there are currently other similar solutions that are more powerful and with a greater diversity of features. But if we don’t want to get complicated and we don’t need those advanced functions, this is a fast and easy software to compress and decompress files. In addition, we must take into consideration the function of analysis and integrated protection that it offers us thanks to the cloud engine of 360 Total Security.

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