Save more than 200 euros on your new iMac with this offer

Buying an Apple computer always involves a large outlay of money, and although the performance of Macs is really good, their price is certainly not low. For this reason, it is vitally important to be able to take advantage of the offers that are presented, such as the one that we bring you right in this post about the iMac M1.

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Apple is not a company that offers discounts or rebates on its devices, in fact, not even at times of the year like Black Friday does it lower the price of its equipment. This has a good part, and it is that the value of the devices drops very slowly over time, and another bad part, and it is difficult to find the latest models with some discount. Therefore, if you were thinking of buying the iMac with the M1 chip, you have to take advantage of this offer yes or yes. We leave you the discounts below.

  • 256GB storage
    • Blue color: 180 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 180 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 230 euros discount.
    • Green color: 180 euros discount.

  • 512GB storage
    • Blue color: 200 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 207 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 260 euros discount.
    • Green color: 260 euros discount.

Is the iMac M1 worth it?

Before buying any Apple product, and even more so a computer that costs so much money despite having a good discount, it is normal to ask yourself to what extent it is worth making said outlay of money. Well, there is no doubt about the great reliability that all Apple computers are capable of providing, but historically, iMacs have always been the ones that have been able to offer the best user experiences. It is not at all strange to see users who continue to use iMac models that were introduced 6, 7 or 8 years ago and continue to work perfectly today.

imac m1

Furthermore, with the arrival of the chip M1performance and what they are capable of offering to users has multiplied, so this iMac that has 8 GB of RAM, 8 CPU cores and 8 GPU cores it is ideal to become the personal computer of practically any user. Of course, you have to keep in mind that given the RAM it has, there will be certain heavier actions that it will cost you to carry out, such as video editing. Now, for day-to-day tasks and common use, this iMac will give you everything you need for a long time, being a really recommended purchase.

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