Save on your electricity bill with 3 basic changes to your rate

In order to pay less in electricity billSomething essential is to control the rate you have contracted very well. It is true that you will always be able to manage the use of high-consumption appliances, such as the oven or washing machine, as well as use home automation to save, but something that cannot be missing is having a good contracted rate. Choosing the one that best suits you is essential. Therefore, we are going to give you some essential tips so that you pay less.

Sometimes, just by doing a few small changes or adjustments you can achieve lower expenses. Paying less at the end of the month is the goal. You can achieve this even without giving up having to use your home appliances less, simply by properly adjusting the electricity rate that you have contracted for your home.

Changes in the rate to save electricity

It is possible that you are spending more than you should, simply because you do not have the electricity rate. It is not uncommon for you to hire just any one and leave it there for years, without paying attention. It is possible that during this time you have changed your consumption habits or there are even rates that now interest you more.

Time discrimination or not

A clear example is whether or not to contract a rate with time discrimination. It is something that you will be able to change. You may be interested, since it will depend on your habits, the time you spend at home and when you consume the most electricity. The savings can be significant whether or not you apply this time discrimination, which means that you will pay more or less depending on the time of day.

For example, if you are a person who spends weekends at home and takes the opportunity to wash clothes, run the dishwasher and cook, in addition to spending a large part of the day from Monday to Friday outside, working, and consume more at night, Without a doubt, having time discrimination is very interesting. You will be able to save, since on weekends and at night is when it is more economical to use electricity.

Use your cell phone to save electricity at home

Lower the power

Do you need so much power hired? It is possible that you contracted something high, for example 5.75 kWh, a few years ago and now you consume much less. Maybe you have changed certain appliances and they are now more efficient or you have changed consumption habits and you do not need as much power.

By lowering the power, you will also be able to pay less each month. It is another parameter that you should review. A small change like this can save you money that will undoubtedly come in handy. Just make sure you don’t really need that much power. You can check your electricity bills and see what the peak consumption has been.

Check the price per kWh

Even without changing electric companies, you can always check the price at which you are paying per kWh and see if you can adjust your rate. You could find a cheaper one, take advantage of an offer or similar. As long as you are in the free market and not the regulated one, you will have a wide range of options.

The idea is that you carefully review all the rates on the market and see which one is best for you based on your consumption. A rate may be very good for one family, but very negative for another. This is so, since not all homes consume it in the same way. It’s something you should look at very carefully.

Therefore, with these simple changes you can save on your electricity bill. Controlling the rate you have contracted well will be essential to avoid paying more than you need without realizing it.

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