Save Private Ryan: the limited edition 4K UHD steelbook is coming

It is without a doubt one of the best war movies ever and, now, Save Private Ryan is about to return in a brand new one limited edition 4K UHD steelbook.

Amazon Italy has opened pre-orders for the steelbook TO THIS ADDRESS, made as if it were a metal ammunition box dented with the movie poster; which reminds us of the victory of 5 Oscar statuettes in the film directed by Steven Spielberg in 1998.

On the steelbook there is also the words “Commemorative Edition for the 60th anniversary”, even if it is not clear to me what it refers to considering that the D-Day Landing in Normandy, at the center of the story, took place in 1944 (or 77 years ago) and the film is certainly not that dated. I probably missed something (maybe let me know in the comments).

The Limited Edition 4K Steelbook from Saving Private Ryan

Inside the box, which will be made available starting from the next August 26, there will be 3 Blu-ray discs, containing the 4K UHD movie, the Blu-ray movie and a bonus disc with special content.

Here it is, together with the new edition of Forrest Gump (another cult film always starring Tom Hanks):

In the movie, “It is June 6, 1944 and the American army is preparing to land on the beach of Omaha, in Normandy, to break the last resistance of the Germans. When the landing, among countless victims, is successfully closed, Captain Miller is ordered to find Private Ryan who, being the last one after the news of the death of his three brothers on other war fronts, has be picked up and sent home by the mother. “

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