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What should you look for in a pendrive for iPad

When we talk about pen drives for iPad we find a great variety on the market. The first thing you should look for in a device of this style is that it is compatible with the iPad that you have in your possession by looking at the type of connection it has. They can find iPad compatible devices that include a Lightning connection and others that have USB-C. But beyond this you also have to take into account the internal storage. Not all pendrives are the same in this sense and must always be adapted to personal needs depending on what you want to store.

In this sense also there are flash drives that are faster and others that are slower. In general, those that have a USB-C connection are the most recommended for importing and exporting data quickly, but within this type of product there are many variations. The only problem is that as the speed of these two tasks increases, the price also increases since it is a more than obvious quality factor.

And beyond all these data that are included within the technical, we must also highlight the design. The pendrive has been designed to be easily transported so it has to be small. Ultimately, the goal is that it can be carried in a pocket without weighing too much but not sacrificing resistance. This makes it vital that you have some form of connection protection to prevent dirt or just getting damaged.

Best iPad Devices with Lightning

As we have discussed previously, there are many iPad models that have Lightning connectivity. This means that there are storage devices dedicated to these equipment despite the fact that they have a limitation in the transmission of data as well as in the feeding process. We show you the best ones below.


This USB drive has a 32GB storage that allows you to store a large amount of data in a wide variety of formats. It is not limited only to text files but also all multimedia files such as music or images are integrated. It is designed above all to be able to transfer music to your personal car radio. This is achieved thanks to the traditional USB-A output that can be placed on top of the lightning port of the device.

Most important of all, you will not need a dedicated application as it will be able to be detected through Files. All this technology is encompassed in a really interesting and sober design. The limitation that it has lies in the data transfer speed of the iPad, although you can always use the rest of the heads on a PC, iPhone or any other equipment with a compatible port.



When it comes to storage drives, one of the most reputable brands is SanDisk. Its extensive catalog also includes units that are focused on iPads that have a Lightning port like this model that we bring here. In this case we are facing a team that has a 128GB storage in FLASH memory that allows you to easily free up space on the iPad and make backup copies of both photos and videos.

Thanks to its design, its resistance is guaranteed to avoid the loss of files. It has a rotating system that allows with a simple movement to cover the entrance of the Lightning connector. In this way it is avoided that certain dirt can adhere, especially when it is being transported, which makes it not work properly. It also has a hole at the end so you can always carry it with you with your keys or anywhere else safely.



This device is quite versatile as it can be used on different computers to transfer files between various devices. Specifically, we see how the storage unit has at one end one Lightning connector and a USB-A connector on the other. Although the pack itself also includes an accessory to be able to go from having a USB-A to a USB-C to connect it to any device.

This particular model has a 256GB storage which allows you to make a backup copy of your files and also carry out a complete management. It has a fairly reduced design to facilitate transport and always carry it with you, being able to cover that connection that you are not going to use. It is compatible with the vast majority of files and integrates an application in the App Store to export and import.



With a fairly portable and simple design, this pendrive comes to be as versatile as possible and help users to carry out a data transfer. At one end you can find a Lightning connector to be conveniently connected to the iPad or any other device that has a compatible input. But keep in mind that this type of connection can be quickly replaced by any other to be connected from a computer to an Android device.

This makes it a more than suitable team to transfer files between various devices. Have a 128GB maximum storage and as regards the design, it can be obtained in different colors. In size it is true that it can be quite thick compared to other pendrives but it is still more than adequate to be transported.

The most recommended options for iPad with USB-C

In the case that you have an iPad with a USB-C connection, the compatible pendrives vary from the ones we have commented previously. They have different advantages such as the transfer speed that is much faster. We show you the best ones below.


Samsung pendrive

The South Korean company stands out in the market for its storage systems and the benefits they offer. In this case we have a model with 128 GB of internal storage and that offers a 400MB / s read speed and 60MB / s write speed. It makes it a more than suitable equipment to be able to work with the iPad and store information easily from the iPad.

It should be noted that it has two plugs at each end of the pendrive. In one of them resides the physical USB-C connection that will be used in the iPad and in another there is a traditional USB connection. This means that you do not limit yourself when transferring files from one computer to another, being a totally versatile computer. All these features are included in a reduced and elegant design, available in black and gray.



This storage drive has two connectors: Type C and 3.0. This allows you to easily transfer files between your PC and devices like the iPad that have a USB-C input. It stands out as we have commented previously for having a 90MB / s read speed and 30MB / s write speed. This transfer is made quite easy thanks to the fact that it is in exFAT format by default.

In order to export or import files from the unit or the device, it is not necessary to have any extra application installed. Through the native Files app, the iPad is able to recognize it in order to carry out all the management of documents or multimedia files. The design is quite small and integrates a hairpin to be able to hang it from a key ring and take it anywhere safely.



If you are looking for a pendrive for the iPad that is easy to carry, this is the most recommended option. Moreslan offers a unit with an extremely small footprint, a few centimeters with a 32GB internal storage. In this case there is only a physical USB-C connection for the iPad. You do not need any type of internal software as it has a Plug & Play system to connect and perform the corresponding tasks on your files.

At the other end, a USB 3.0 port is included to be able to transfer files between other devices that are not from the Cupertino company. It integrates many different formats such as FAT32, EXFAT or NTFS to store files, photos, music or videos. In addition, despite being small, it has a read speed up to 140MB / s and read speed up to 30MB / s.


meco pendrive

Storing files physically can always cause the fear that the used device will break or get wet, causing all information to be lost. This will not happen to you with this MECO model that is designed to be resistant to shocks by having a zinc alloy. In the case of water resistance, it also has the necessary protections so that you can transport it with liquids without fear of breaking.

This model offers a 128GB internal storage with a read speed of 130 MB per second, as well as a write speed of 25 MB per second. As in previous cases, it is not necessary to have a dedicated application but through Files it is able to be detected and manage all its storage in a comfortable way.

What is the most recommended?

Throughout this article we have seen many options and all very varied. We are going to recommend several to consider. In the first case, if you have an iPad with a Lightning connector, it is best to get the pendrive of the brand YOHU due to the versatility that it integrates. The fact of being able to have a USB 3.0 connector makes it possible to transfer your iPad files to any device comfortably. And all this with a 256 GB storage that is undoubtedly more than enough for any user.

In the event that you have an iPad with a USB-C connection and you want to have the maximum speed of the Samsung is the best. It has a fairly sober design, a storage of 128 GB with a fairly high transfer speed. And everything is conceived with a dual design in which a USB-C connection and another USB 3.1 are integrated, guaranteeing the use in the different devices to transfer the files.

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