Save time by opening NVIDIA GeForce Experience much faster

Bearing in mind that the PC platform is currently one of the preferred platforms when it comes to running the latest games released, the GPU power is key is key NVIDIA offers us a good number of solutions with these characteristics that are gradually adapting to the requirements of current software. And it is not only about the hardware as such that we install on the computer, but the software that is attached to it is also very important. Serve as a clear example of all this the drivers that we install, as well as the Control Panel of these graphs.

The whole set allows us to make the most of the component as well as adapting it to our needs in each case. Keep in mind that these devices have to adapt to thousands of different configurations depending on the equipment where we install it. The aforementioned Control Panel that is installed together with the corresponding drivers will help us with all of this. But equally the NVIDIA graphics They propose another interesting tool related to this graphic section.

It will allow us to automatically optimize the games and applications installed on the PC based on its power. This will be of great help to both expert and novice users. Specifically, we refer to the program called NVIDIA GeForce Experience which you have surely heard of on many occasions.

Run NVIDIA GeForce Experience faster

To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, this is a tool that detect installed programs and games that use the GPU. Then, and by himself, he looks for the most suitable graphics settings for our team and thus get the most out of these titles. While initially the firm only launched a version valid for games, it was later extended to conventional programs such as multimedia players or design applications.

By default this is an application that we can run from the system task bar. We click with the right mouse button on the icon corresponding to NVIDIA, and next to the control panel we will see GeForce Experience. But it is also true that, if we use many programs and games, we may be interested in accessing this tool in a more affordable way. It is precisely for this that we are going to help you below.

At this point, the best we can do is anchor a shortcut to this app directly on the Windows taskbar. This is something we achieved by looking for the entry called NVIDIA GeForce Experience in the System Start Menu.

Once we have found it, we only have to click with the right mouse button on it. From that moment we only have to click on the option of More / Pin to taskbar. From that moment we will have a new icon in this section always visible in Windows to execute immediately.

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