Save up to 400 euros when buying a TV or sound bar with the MediaMarkt Direct Discount

From time to time, the distribution giants launch high-end offers so that you can buy an OLED or QLED Smart TV at the best price. For example, we recently told you about the bargain to get the Philips OLED 935 at a bargain price. And today we want to talk to you about the promotion MediaMarkt Direct Discount: up to 400 euros on a wide selection of televisions, sound bars and other products.

We are talking about a promotion that will allow you to renew your old television at the best price, buy a quality Dolby Atmos sound bar and more offers that you should not miss, as you will see later.

Access the MediaMarkt Direct Discount promotion

As you may have seen, the variety of offers is really interesting. Of course, this promotion will be available until April 3 at 09:00 a.m., so you should take advantage of the available offers before the deadline.

How the MediaMarkt Direct Discount works

As you can see in the image that heads these lines, You will receive a discount of up to 400 euros depending on the product you buy. If your television or equipment that you purchase has a price greater than 250 euros, you will receive a 25 euro discount. If you spend more than 500 euros, the discount will be 100 euros. If you make a purchase for a value greater than 1,000 euros, you will receive a discount of 200 euros, while if your spending amounts to a figure that exceeds 2,000 euros, you will receive a 400-euro discount.

Note that the final prices are reflected in the shopping cart, so take a good look to confirm that the model you have selected has the corresponding discount. Now that you know how the MediaMarkt Direct Discount promotion works, We leave you with our selection of the best deals on Smart TV and sound bars.

The best deals on Smart TV


MediaMarkt has launched a battery of offers on Smart TV OLED, QLED and LCD so you can buy a television at very moderate prices. Although the discounted products are very varied, we have made a selection with the best offers. In any case, we invite you to stop by the Smart TV section on sale to see the best bargains.

Smart TV discounted up to 400 euros in Mi Electro

55-inch LG OLED C1 for 1,099 euros

The first model we want to recommend is the 55-inch LG OLED C1, a very vitaminized model and that you can now get for 1099 euros since it has a discount of 200 euros in the cart. This TV offers unquestionable image quality, as well as features that make it the highest in the industry.

Buy the 55-inch LG OLED C1 for 1,099 euros

Remember that this OLED Smart TV for gaming is priced at 1,299 euros, but when you add it to the shopping cart you will see that the final price has been reduced by 200 euros.

Samsung AU7175U 65-inch for 579 euros

samsung tv

Another excellent option to take into account is the 65-inch Samsung 7175, one of the best-selling models in Spain and that you can now get at the best price.

Buy the 65-inch Samsung AU7175U for 579 euros

The best deals on soundbars

LG sound bar

MediaMarkt has also launched great discounts on sound bars and other products to enjoy the best acoustic landscape, as you will see in the audio section of the distribution chain.

The best deals on sound bars and other products

Although in our opinion, the great bargain is the LG SP8YA sound bar, a product with Dolby Atmos support so you can enjoy an immersive experience that you will never forget. A high-end product that you can now get for 519 euros.

Buy the LG SP8YA sound bar for 519 euros

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