Save Word DOCX to hard drive or cloud, which is better?

Our computers come equipped with a series of storage units or hard drives that allow us to store everything we need. But this space is finite, hence the success that the cloud storage is having in recent years. This is something that we also take advantage of for our office documents such as those we create in Word.

In fact, in these lines we are going to focus on this well-known program that allows us to create and edit all kinds of text documents. But in certain work environments we handle a good number of elements of this type, so we must maintain a good organization. As is usual for all this Microsoft gives the possibility of storing these contents in the disk location that we want. At the same time we have the possibility of using the firm’s own storage service, we refer to OneDrive.

This is the cloud storage service owned by the software giant that we can use for free with just having a Microsoft account. In the beginning and without paying a single euro we have a amount of space enough, at least for the end user, that allows us to store documents from the office suite directly, among other things. The use of this space on the firm’s servers has its advantages and disadvantages. This is something that we will talk about below so that you can choose the modality that interests you the most in each case.

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When we are interested in saving DOCX in the cloud

One of the main advantages of this Microsoft service, as with many others, is accessibility. What we want to tell you is that we will have access to all our Word documents from any device or place in the world. It is enough that we have a Internet connection and the corresponding credentials to open our DOCX immediately.

To all this we must add the savings on the local hard drives of the computer that this means. It is worth mentioning that all this is especially evident if we work with large files that, in addition to text, have multimedia content.

Advantages of using local storage in Word

These remote services that we are talking about have been used for a few years now. However, with everything and with it many users are used to using their local hard drives. One of the main reasons why some opt for this storage method is for everything related to security and privacy. We cannot forget that at use the cloud We are sometimes saving files on very sensitive servers on other people’s servers.

Therefore, at this point the cloud is not always the best option. Furthermore, to access this documentation in the future we will need to have the corresponding remote access credentials, which may not always be possible. In the event of losing that email or the password to access the Microsoft account, we will hardly be able to download the DOCX that we have been storing. After all that has been said, depending on the needs and modes of use of each one, you will be able to choose the most interesting method of saving your documents in Word.

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