Say goodbye to Google Photos and iCloud with these NAS on sale

We take more and more photos, and these, in addition, each time have a better quality and, therefore, take up more space. Google Photos is one of the best alternatives to upload them so that, in addition to a backup, we can always have them at hand. However, you have to pay every month to have enough space. And, as the photos occupy more and more, the price is becoming more expensive. That is why more and more users decide to set up their own cloud to upload their photos. And these offers encourage it even more.

To mount our own iCloud, or Google Photos, it is necessary to have a device that connects to the Internet, that works as a server, and that allows us to access the photos, and other data, through a simple software. This is what is known as a NAS, a small and simple home server with which we can do this and much more.

Choose the right NAS for your home

Generally, NAS are sold as enclosures, to which we must install the hard drives that we want depending on our budget and the capacity that we want. In this way, for example, we find one of the best-selling models, the Synology DS218PLAY Diskstationa NAS designed for multimedia use with two bays for two hard drives, a 4-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, optimized for 4K video, which we can buy at a 17% discount for just 243 euros.

If we do not want to buy hard drives separately, we can also buy the same model with already mounted drives, of the capacity that we want. For example, we can find the NAS with 4 TB of storage space (Western Digital RED hard drives for NAS) at a 26% discount for just 448.35 euros.

Another much simpler option that we can find on offer is this Western Digital 12TB NAS storage. It is a device optimized both for the reproduction of multimedia content and for downloads and data storage. It’s even compatible with Plex. It has a 20% discount, and we can get hold of it for 529.90 euros.

If we want the best brand in domestic NAS, we can also find an interesting offer in this QNAP TS-233 NAS, a computer with 2 GB of RAM and a 4-core processor that we can get with a 23% discount for just 219.99 euros. A bargain.

Or this QNAP TS-431K, more powerful than the previous one, and with 4 bays to install up to 4 hard drives that we can get for 336.50 euros.

Choose the best hard drive

In addition to the NAS, unless we buy the unit that already comes with the storage, we will need to have a good hard drive where, in addition to having a lot of space, we have the reliability that can be expected from this type of device. Luckily, we can also find the most interesting offers on professional hard drives for NAS, like this one Seagate Exos X16of 12 TB, which we can get with a 30% discount for only 264.10 euros.

or the classics Seagate Technology IronWolf of 8 TB, which are also reduced by 21% and we can buy each unit for only 213.99 euros. And the rest of the capacities also have a more than important reduction.

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