Say goodbye to liquid cooling leaks with Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD

Why don’t many users jump into custom liquid cooling? It could be because of the price, it could be because of the complexity and knowledge that must be had, or simply for a reason as simple as having a fear of leaks and breaking half or the entire PC with it. Until now, the most advanced in the sector were vacuum leak testers, which put air pressure into the system to see if it is effectively tight, but now Aqua computer he changes the concept with his new system and dispels all fears.

Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD, goodbye to liquid cooling leaks

How to create a system that does not allow the liquid to come out where it does not have to come out? Even if we have a break in a tube, a crack in the block or a badly placed O-ring, the Aqua Computer system will not let a drop come out where it should not.

For this, the company has resorted to the so-called negative pressure (not to be confused with that of the fans) where a new device sucks the air into the system by means of an integrated vacuum pump that is activated in a fraction of a second when it detects anomalies very large pressure vessels.


Oddly enough, the system is so fast and so accurate that it manages to keep everything under control, even if there are multiple leaks in the system. It uses a pressure sensor with a resolution of less than 0.0001 bar, so that even the smallest and most insignificant leak is detected.

OLED screen, rotatable and installable anywhere


Of course, this system has the peculiarity that it can be installed anywhere and even on top of the company’s warehouses. A) Yes, Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD It can be installed even in tanks of other companies by means of an adapter or by itself, since it has touch buttons, a screen OLED in black and white and a USB connector for your digital control.


This even allows the PC to turn off if a leak is detected, or for an audible or visual alarm to go off to warn us and do it manually. It can even suck air to do the filling function from an external tank, a system that would avoid having to fill with the typical siphon bottles.

As expected, it is not a cheap system, as LEAKSHIELD costs 119, 90 euros for version ULTITUBE which is compatible with Aqua Computer tanks, while the version for any tank, whether or not of the brand is raised to 139.90 euros.


As for its availability, it is announced that it will be available in the coming weeks for purchase in the main stores and on the Aqua Computer website.

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