Say goodbye to your battery problems with iOS 15.4.1.

Since the launch of iOS 15.4, many users have reported failures on their iPhone and, above all, excessive battery consumption with this version. Well, it seems that all this has come to an end with the release of iOS 15.4.1, which has arrived to solve all these problems.

What does this new version fix?

As we have mentioned, the main problem that users had with iOS 15.4 is that, apparently, this version consumed a lot more battery than it should in theory, causing the autonomy of the teams will decrease much faster than normal. This obviously considerably worsens the experience of many users with their iPhone, causing a large number of them to even have to go through the charger during the day.

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Well, yesterday the Cupertino company put a remedy to all these problems with the launch of a new version, specifically iOS 15.4.1 that comes to solve this problem and some other that apparently had also brought iOS 15.4, which although it was a long-awaited update, has caused more problems than it should have. Then we leave you the problems it solves.

  • Battery drained faster than expected after updating to iOS 15.4.
  • Braille devices could become unresponsive when navigating text or displaying a prompt.
  • Made for iPhone hearing aids could lose connection with some third-party apps.

update iOS 15.4.1

It should be noted that the problems generated by iOS 15.4 were not on all devices, since although many users have suffered from them, there have also been others that seem not to have been affected. Even so, although it is not a normal one, in some cases when an update brings very important news, as is the case with iOS 15.4, it may happen that there are other aspects that are reduced. Fortunately iOS 15.4.1 already seems to have fixed them.

Is it recommended to update?

Many users ask themselves this question every time Apple releases a new version, be it iOS or any other operating system. Well, the recommendation is always to update, since as in this case, most of the time these releases bring improvements not only in terms of the experience that a user can have, but also in terms of security levels. Therefore, our recommendation is to always update, and for this you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. On your iPhone, open the app Settings.
  2. Click on general.
  3. touch Software update.
  4. Click on Download and Install.
  5. Follow the steps indicated on the screen.

Update software iPhone

In addition, to update and that this process is carried out in the best possible way, you have to take into account a series of recommendations. First of all, make sure that your iPhone has enough autonomy to be able to carry out this process. The most recommended is that it be at least 50%, although it is evident that it will not consume as much battery. Another fundamental point is that you have a quality and stable internet connection, so that the entire update can be carried out as quickly as possible and without any type of incident.

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