Scan for malware with these online services

Top methods to sneak malware

It is important to know which are the main methods that cybercriminals can use to infect our computers and sneak malware. In this way we can find useful the online tools that we are going to show to analyze the equipment, pages and any file. We will always have programs that we can install on our computers, but also online services that will also help us protect ourselves.

Fake programs

Undoubtedly one of the options most used by hackers to sneak malicious software it is through the installation of rogue programs. Even without actually installing them, we could also get infected and compromise our systems.

What they basically do is sneak files from supposedly reliable applications onto the Internet, representing a useful program or any add-on. However by downloading and running it, even if we installed it and it worked, what we are doing is adding malicious software.

Malware and Phishing web pages

They can also use unsafe websites. They can attack a legitimate one or even create another with the simple objective of loading it with malware and that the victim begins to download files that are really a danger to our security.

Those same fake and insecure websites can be used to launch Phishing attacks. They could use them to steal victims’ credentials and passwords and thus access personal data and information. They could spoof the identity of the users they have attacked.

Exploit vulnerabilities

Another issue to consider is that they can explode vulnerabilities and bugs security that are not corrected. That is why it is essential to know at all times if our equipment is up to date or if it has any vulnerability that we have not adequately solved.

There are tools, as we will see, that are in charge of analyzing our team to warn us of this problem. In case you detect an error, a vulnerability, you will inform us of it and we can see how to correct it as soon as possible.

Pages to analyze computer security

Beyond being able to have programs such as an antivirus or a firewall and thus avoid malware on our computers, we can also make use of different pages and services with which to perform a scan and check if everything is correct.

We can do this to analyze a specific file, for example, but also the entire system. We can detect any vulnerabilities that may exist and thus update as soon as possible or install the specific patches that we need.

Safety Detectives

One of the options that we have available online to scan the security of our computer is Safety Detectives. Use a database where it collects all known vulnerabilities that could put our operating system at risk.

To do this, it first detects which version we have installed. For example, it could determine that we have Windows 10 installed, which is the most used OS on desktop computers. Later, it begins to analyze in search of possible security flaws that may exist and, finally, it releases the results. In case you have detected a vulnerability, it will appear there.


East online service It is very interesting to analyze the security of our equipment. It is very complete, since it allows you to add files of more than 100 MB, but also to analyze IP addresses, URLs, domains and even CVE. It is very useful if we doubt whether something in particular could be a danger to our teams.

The use of Metadefender is very simple. Once we enter your website we will find a search bar. There we will have to put the corresponding information. We will also see a button to attach a file and start analyzing it.



A very popular online tool is VirusTotal. It is similar to the previous one, since it will allow not only scan files of our team, but also a web address, IP, etc. It is one of the most up-to-date databases and therefore it will offer better performance.

If, for example, we want to analyze a specific file, we must click on File. There we will see a button to load the document we want. It will automatically start to analyze whether it is a threat or something safe.



This option is very simple. It is similar to that of VirusTotal. With VirSCAN we will be able upload any file and it will begin to analyze it in its database and determine if it is a threat or if it really is a secure document with which we will not have any problem.

It is very useful if, for example, we have downloaded a program or any file and we want to make sure that it is legitimate and will not be a problem for our security. In this way we will carry out a quick analysis and obtain the necessary information to delete those files before it is too late.



In the case of Sucuri we find a difference: it allows us analyze a web page. It is not a service that serves to upload a file and analyze it, as the cases we have seen previously; in this case it is to see if a specific URL can be a threat.

Have dual function. On the one hand, we can use it at the user level to determine if an address may be a Phishing attempt or contain some kind of threat. But on the other hand it will also be very interesting for those who have a web page and want to verify that their site is reliable.

Analyze web with Sucuri

Is it better to analyze files online or install a program?

At this point, we have once seen some interesting pages that can help us to detect threats, we may wonder if they can really serve as a substitute for the programs we install to improve security. The truth is that it has its advantages and disadvantages

If we talk about safety As such, of real protection for our computers, it is evident that the best thing is to have a good antivirus that we have installed. We can take Windows Defender as an example, which is the one that comes integrated with the Microsoft operating system. It will allow us to have total control over all the files, the downloads, the sites we visit …

We can say that having a installed program it will be better. It is what will act best against possible threats, in addition to having a real-time analysis. The latter is very important if, for example, we are going to download a file that is actually malicious.

However, the websites that we have seen can serve as a complement and even as a substitute on certain occasions. For example if we have a suspicious file and we want to use an updated service to see if it really is a virus or not. Also in the event that at that time we do not have antivirus installed or we suspect that it may have been affected by a threat.

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