schedules and where to watch the event of the year online

Organizing an event, even if it is online and not in person, takes a lot of work, especially when we talk about Minecraft, one of the games with the largest community in the world and that has more users every day. But don’t worry because you won’t have to lift a finger, and below we have compiled all the information you need to know about it.

Schedules and how to watch Minecraft Live online

As we have told you in the introduction, Minecraft Live will be broadcast live tomorrow Saturday October 15, 2022 at 18:00 Spain timeor if you are in Mexico for example, it would be at 11:00 am on Saturday. On the following map you can see the times in different parts of the world.

Minecraft Live Schedules

The event will be broadcast live over the Internet, so you will only need a computer with an Internet connection to watch it. You can do it through the official YouTube channel that you can see integrated below, although you can also do it on the official Minecraft Live website.

The show will be broadcast in different languages, in case you don’t want to see it in English or don’t understand it. In this case, a broadcast that, if you want to see it in Spanish from Spain, you will have it available on the Manucraft channel, while if you are interested in seeing it in Spanish from Latin America, you will have it available on the Bobicraft channel.

What can we expect from this event?

As usually happens when a game gets big enough and/or gets a big enough user community, events of this type are held where you can see previews of the next updates, talk about the future of the game and the novelties that they intend to implement and, in this case, a vote will also be held in which the community will be able to decide what their mob Favourite.


If you want to participate in the vote you can do it from 18:00 today (voting is open now, and will close precisely when the event starts, tomorrow at 18:00), but keep in mind that you will have to log in with a Microsoft account for it. In addition, a pack of free skins has been made available to all users that can be claimed from the game’s Marketplace.

What news do you think will be announced during Minecraft Live? At the moment everything is up in the air, but surely we will see a fun show full of news, updates, surprises and gifts for the entire community, don’t miss it!

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