Schneider Electric and SAP strengthen their collaboration to facilitate the integration of IIoT systems

industrial automation company Schneider Electric and the company software developer SAP have announced a reinforcement of their collaborationas well as his expansion in the fields of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital transformation. In these fields, his activity will focus above all on sustainable infrastructure and deployment facilities.

To achieve this, the two companies have plans to create preconfigured deployment options for IIoT customers. His idea is to simplify and speed up the deployment of what are known as Industry 4.0 applications. We are talking about systems that link tools such as ERP software with the operational technology used in manufacturing processes.

This reinforcement of the collaboration between the two companies was born because although there is a lot of interest in Industry 4.0 among potential clients of both, many of these potential clients see the design and implementation of systems as major obstacles, which until now has slowed down growth and delayed the adoption of new technologies in the sector.

Of course, all this will be carried out without neglecting sustainability. Both companies mention, in the statement in which they confirm the reinforcement of their collaboration, that they plan to create product and service offers in the future with which to help companies with energy management.

The first scenarios in which both companies will act jointly will be the development of an OT/OI integration in production areas, based on common standards, onboarding and life cycle management of certain assets, such as digital twins. Also end-to-end closed loops, smart assets and field service management using augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Peter Maier, President of SAP Customer Advisory and Industrieshas highlighted the extension of this agreement that both companies «they are in line when it comes to the importance of collaboration, innovation and open standards. This makes it easier for our shared customers to consume integrated information and operational technology solutions.«.

Bruno Zerbib, Vice President and Head of Platforms and Technologies at Schneider Electricnotes that “many of our customers are looking for easier ways to integrate advanced technology into their digitization journey. With SAP, we are committed to addressing market challenges with innovative digital solutions to help these customers reap the benefits of Internet 4.0.«.

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