Scopios wants to raise 800,000 euros to promote digital health

It has always been said that health is the most important thing and for that reason, Scopios aims to give a boost to the sector. Your goal is raise 800,000 euros until December 20 to promote the digital health.

In this way, the company launched this year, definitively transfers the control of health to the health professional and offers health services and medical events managed entirely and freely by specialists and health centers, based on the real needs of the sector.

Created by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the health sector, who have developed their professional careers collaborating with some of the most important health sales projects on the market, the platform was born to make a difference and create a necessary change within the world of private healthcare, responding in the most professionalized way possible to “What really matters”, health.

To continue growing at the expected rate, Raúl Garrido Medina (CEO) and Manuel Macanás Wandser (CCO), creators of Scopios, announce, for the first time, a financing round.

A round of financing that is made public in order to reach the 800,000 euros necessary to promote digital health in our country and with which the company intends to obtain strategic partners with which to develop its new computer system, attract doctors and patients.

A new round of financing in which health professionals will have preference, who are, after all, those who have control of the platform and are those who offer health services and medical acts, in addition to fully managing and freely your profile within Scopios.

In this way, the health professional may participate as a partner by contributing 2,400 euros, compared to the initial 12,000 euros that an investor who is not linked to health must contribute.

Advantages for the healthcare professional

Accessing a global platform, which takes its first step in the Spanish market, controlling from the first moment the services and medical acts offered is the first and perhaps the most advantageous action that Scopios offers, but not the only one.

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The professional is part of the first online health sales platform in the world that he controls completely and with total freedom, having access to information that until now was not offered. You have the opportunity to decide on your medical actions, adjusting to the market as you consider, setting your own terms and duration of the consultation based on the needs of the patient, without impositions.

There are no economic parameters. Each professional is free to decide on the rates offered to his potential patients, control his calendar and the time he sets for each consultation. In this way, Scopios allows the healthcare provider to offer a better service, by having total control over their publications, and likewise their earnings are what they really consider they should be.

In addition, the fact of belonging to the Scopios community does not prevent working with the rest of the corporations, they are perfectly compatible.

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