Scott Pilgrim unearths an anime

Netflix will adapt the Scott Pilgrim comics for its platform. The series produced by Edgar Wright will take the form of an anime.

In 2010, Edgar Wright adapted Bryan Lee O’Mailey’s comics for the big screen. The film with Michael Cera in the title role was a hit with early fans.

As a reminder, Scott Pilgrim is a 22-year-old young man who falls in love with a mysterious girl with pink hair. But conquering her isn’t easy, and he has to face all the ghosts of his past, including a mean skateboarder and a vegetarian rock star. The film featured several stars from the small and big screen, including Chris Evans (Captain america) and Brie Larson (Captain marvel).

If it is not a blockbuster, the good reputation of the license has obviously pushed Netflix to take a close interest in it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the platform is developing an anime, which should be done in partnership with Universal. This is not the first time that the two mastodons have collaborated since they have signed, among other things The Umbrella Academy, also adapted from comics.

Anime represents a flourishing market, this adaptation is timely as the platform increasingly relies on this format. After having broadcast the classics of the genre, the N rouge intends to add its stone to the structure with several house productions.

Bryan Lee O’Malley writing

Because we are never better served than by ourselves, Bryan Lee O’Malley will be writing the script and producing alongside Ben David Grabinski (Are you Afraid of the Dark?). They will also act as showrunner, while Science SARU will take care of the animation (Super Shiro and Japan Sinks 2020). Edgar Wright will also not be very far since he is expected to be the executive producer of the series,

No release date yet

The project is still at an embryonic stage, it will undoubtedly be necessary to arm ourselves with patience before being able to discover the first images. On the side of the intrigue also the mystery remains whole, we do not know which volume will be adapted. We can nevertheless imagine that Netflix will choose to follow the chronology of the saga on paper, so as not to lose the neophytes along the way.

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