Seagate announces officially licensed external hard drives up to 4TB for PlayStation 5

While the shortage of units continues to mark the growth of its users, the PS5 continues to slowly increase its base of players and games. And it is that with some releases as powerful as this month, it is not surprising that many end up with no space on their consoles. Although thanks to Seagate, this will have a simple solution.

And it is that after passing through the Microsoft console, with some external memory cartridges, now it is the turn of the new generation Sony console, which receives some external hard drivesspecifically designed, firmware optimized, and officially certified for its correct operation for both PS4 and PS5 consoles.

This means that these storages offer us optimal performance and speed outside of the internal memories of the consoles, allowing us to enjoy a smooth gaming experience without the need to stop deleting other titles or having to open and replace the components of our consoles.

It is thus a light HDD with a plug-and-play installation system that will allow us full compatibility in less than two minutes and without the need for additional tools or installers. We will have two different models and capacities, varying according to the 2TB and 4TB models. Plus, connected and powered via its own high-speed USB-A 3.2 Gen 1, these Seagate devices don’t need a separate power cable of any kind.

Owners can also play their PS4 games directly from the disc. The new drives come with a one-year limited warranty that gives gamers peace of mind. With shipments from next monthSeagate’s Game Drive will start at a starting price of $92.49, rising to $139.99 for the 4TB model (approximately $81 and $123 respectively).

Seagate HDD Horizon Forbidden West PS5

In addition, on the occasion of the launch of Horizon Forbidden West, Seagate has taken the opportunity to make an even deeper collaboration with Sony and Guerrilla with the announcement of a limited edition inspired by this titlean HDD with a unique white exterior finish on which the portrait of its heroine, Aloy, stands out.

The Horizon Forbidden West Limited Edition Game Drive will be available from the same date, at a slightly higher price of a starting amount of $99.99 (88 euros) for its base version of 2 TB, and that will rise to 159.99 dollars (140 euros) for a special 5 TB version.

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