Seagate presents its Star Wars external hard drives for PCs

One of the most profitable sagas in the film industry is undoubtedly Star Wars. Millions of fans around the world eagerly await each installment or series and commemorating May 4, Seagate wanted to pay a small tribute to the fans by presenting what will be a cult object for many of them: the new Seagate FireCuda Star Warsthree external hard drives so that your data is always with you.

Three iconic characters of recent times within the saga will have the leading role for some devices that are well positioned in the market and this restyling It could be great for them to boost their sales, since they not only have this main theme, but there is something more.

Seagate FireCuda Star Wars, Custom External HDDs

It is not that they are really fast external HDDs as such, they are not the best in this regard, but they do not pretend to be either. What Seagate is trying to do here is precisely to position three versions for fans, giving these devices the customization that we see with a Star Wars theme and adding an incentive to the equation that you will surely like: RGB LEDs.

To top it off, these LEDs are customizable, so we will have something totally new in the sector with these three HDDs.

Of course, Seagate isn’t cutting any of the features or compatibility out of these FireCudas, so they’re still traditional external HDDs that are compatible with both PCs and consoles and are meant to be a backup or support for performance-tuned games or data, like so is the price.

And it is that they continue to mount mid-range HDDs to their credit that will turn to 5,400RPM and that thanks to its chainring system and SMR technology achieve a performance of 140MB/s. The best thing, without a doubt, is that this is enough for the vast majority of mortals and where we also have options for 2TB quite adjusted in price.

USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface with Micro-B cable

One of the aspects that the brand has not yet solved and that you may not like is precisely the use of Micro-B connector in its units instead of USB-C, much more widespread and easy to get a cable for this version of the interface to which it is capable of transmitting data. The 5GBps that it achieves are sufficient to guarantee its performance, even more so if we talk about 2.5-inch HDDbut this section is surely a point that many will look at today and more after the EU’s decision to convert USB-C as a mandatory standard for electronic devices.


In addition to this, the Star Wars-themed Seagate FireCuda external HDDs are provided with a one year limited warranty with the brand, two with store by European regulations and the company also includes something that is increasingly common in the industry: a data recovery service.

This service will be active three years after purchase and validation of it on the manufacturer’s website, so we will not have to worry about the data because they will be safe at least during this period of time. They will arrive throughout this week at the main stores in the country at a suggested price of 109 euros.

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