Search for information on any domain with these Whois programs

When it comes to knowing all the details about a web address, nothing better than opting for a program that allows us to do Whois and obtain all the information we need.

What and what is the Whois protocol for on the Internet

Whois is a simple protocol that works over TCP and has been developed so that any user can query a public database. Thanks to this, it allows us to know all the information related to a web server or domain. Information such as the name and contact details of the registrant and the registrar can generally be accessed. It also discloses other details such as registration, expiration date, and latest updates.

Although we are talking about a very widespread and used protocol on the Internet, the truth is that it has some important shortcomings, since finding domain information can take a long time. For this reason, there is nothing better than using a Whois search software. These softwares are not going to save time, as well as find the exact details of a domain that may interest us. That is why today we bring you a compilation of free Whois search programs for Windows.

Free programs to do Whois and know the data of a domain

If we are interested in knowing the public details of a server or domain we can find out with the help of these programs to make Whois.

WHOIS Tools, performs DNS and Whois lookups

This is a free application with which to perform DNS and Whois searches. With it we can perform searches of both Whois records and obtain DNS information from a website. To do this, it will only be necessary to enter a valid IP address or domain in its main window. You will later reveal details about that IP address to us, such as the host name, the owner, the network name, or its latest update.

We are, therefore, an ideal application for web designers and developers who need to search for information and verify the accuracy of the link of the domain to a host, verify the mail configuration, as well as search for information about the owner of the website. The application is responsible for contacting extensive online databases to find all the information and display it on the screen.

We can download WHOIS Tools for free from this link.

WhoisCL, command line utility to make Whois

We are talking about a simple command line utility that will allow us to quickly and easily obtain all the information we need about a registered domain. It automatically connects to the correct Whois server located all over the world and retrieves the domain’s Whois record. It also supports generic domains and country code domains. With this application we will get complete information from any website such as the address and name of the creator, expiration date, IP address, domain name, etc.


As it is a command line application, it has some advantages, such as a lower consumption of resources since it does not have a graphical interface. You also benefit from a shorter response time when obtaining the information, and we avoid wasting time opening our browser accessing the website and waiting for the results to appear.

If we want to use WhoisCL we can download it for free from the developer’s website.

Win32Whois, specially designed for advanced users

We are now talking about an application specially designed for advanced users, because although it is very easy to use, it is capable of displaying a large amount of information with numerous details. This software is able to look up both the domain and the IP address by using its integrated whois servers. Among the information that the DNS server offers us and the contact information, the IP block, the network range, the country, address, registration and expiration date of the domain.


The program also supports proxy connections, including support for HTTP, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5 protocols, and optional authentication. In addition, it will allow us to export all the collected details to a file to be able to view it with a text editor.

If we want to use Win32Whois we can download it for free from this link.

NetToolSet, identifies the most searched details about a web domain

It is a software specially designed for network administrators, as it offers a set of tools with which to identify the most sought-after details regarding a specific domain and IP address. It has services such as Ping, DNS, IP and Whois search, which correspond to some of the functions that we can perform from a central administration forum.


The application has a simple but effective graphical interface that will allow us to perform a Whois from our desktop without ads and without Captcha. All the utilities are arranged by tabs, each one working independently.

We can download NetToolSet from here.

Pzwenger WhoIs, know detailed information of any domain

This application ideal for those users who are looking for and need to obtain complete details about the registration, domain name, owner or IP address. This software is responsible for connecting to Whois servers to collect all the necessary information. It stands out for having a lightweight interface with a large number of tools. To use it, simply type the domain name or IP address in the search bar to obtain all the information we need.

Pzwenger WhoIs

Once executed, it will show us both the domain name, ID, server, domain status among other values. We will be able to look up your organization, your city and state address, as well as some of the registrant IDs. It also provides us with the registrant’s contact details in case we need to contact you and the ability to copy the results to our text editor.

If we are interested in using Pzwenger WhoIs we can download it for free by clicking here.

Axence NetTools, complete set of tools with the option to do Whois

It is a complete set of tools for network scanning and monitoring, which incorporates a Whois tool, ideal for both home and professional users. Here we will find the ability to track the response time and availability of various hosts, as well as send alerts when there is a concern about host availability. In addition, it is responsible for identifying all the services that are active on the discovered devices.

Axence neTools

We can download Axence NetTools for free from its website.

BePing, easily check the status of a domain

This application will allow network administrators to easily verify the status of the domains or destination addresses of any page. It stands out for having a clean design with a navigation panel from which to access its functions. In the address field, it can be completed with a URL or IP that will allow us to perform Whois searches, along with the possibility of selecting a server in case we have a preferred one to use. All the details that it shows us can be exported by copying to the Windows clipboard.


If we want to use BePing, we can download it for free from this link.

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