Season 2 is delayed!

Activision announces the delay of Season 2 of Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, and explains the reasons.

Since its release on November 5, 2021, call of duty vanguard was treated to some interesting updates, including one introducing a collaboration with the anime The attack of the Titans. In December, players also welcomed a brand new version of the associated battle royale, now called Warzone Pacific. But since then, it’s been a bit dead calm with regard to new content, and players are only waiting for one thing: season 2.

While it was originally supposed to be available from February 2, it was finally postponed for two weeks and will therefore be released next February 14. Activision announced the news in a press release. The studio explains:

We feel your frustrations and we hear you loud and clear. To date, we’ve rolled out a number of updates, but there’s still a long way to go. This is why we have decided to postpone the start of the second season of Warzone Pacific and Vanguard to February 14.

We will use this additional development time to provide updates, including gameplay optimizations, game balancing (including weapon and gear balancing), to fix game stability and bugs, and to provide an overall level of polish to improve the player experience. »

The takeover by Microsoft in question?

Players are aware that Activision Blizzard is currently in the process of being acquired by the manufacturer Microsoft. It seems that this exceptional situation is not directly at the origin of this delay, as the studio explains to us in the press release. However, one wonders if the new management would not have something to do with it.

In its messages, Activision seems to want to get back on the right foot with its players and focus its efforts more on the user experience as a whole. In addition, the studio says it wants to communicate more with its players on the various problems they are encountering and on the progress of updates and corrective patches. He explains :

Going forward, you can expect to hear from us more often about the status of Call of Duty. The studios are dedicated to continuously improving your gaming experience and we greatly value feedback from our community. More frequent and detailed updates will be posted here and on the Call of Duty social channels. »

While this may well be a coincidence – far be it from us to ignore the hypothesis that this could be a long-held strategy by Activision – the change in management may have been enough for the studio to motivate himself to show more his human side to the players, at a time when he tries somehow to restore his image.

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