Season 2 is popular on Netflix

Released this Friday on Netflix, the new season of the adventures of Geralt of Rivia already climbs to the first position of the most popular series of the moment. Platform subscribers viewed more than 142 million hours in just 3 days.

He is back ! After two years of absence, Geralt de Riv returns to our screens for the second season of his adventures on Netflix. Obviously, the public was at the rendezvous since the series proudly sits in first place in the TOP 10 of the platform. Each week, the Red N shares the ranking of its new productions and the number of hours viewed around the world for each of them. Unsurprisingly, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s series has been emulated.

In just 3 days, 142 million hours have already been viewed. The subscribers obviously took advantage of the weekend to “binger” the 8 new episodes of The witcher season 2 . Moreover, this outing also propelled the first season to second place in the weekly ranking. It must be said that in two years, we had plenty of time to forget the previous adventures of Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer. Some took advantage of this week to review season 1.

What to dethrone Squid Game?

Currently, the most popular series in Netflix history is none other than Squid Game. The South Korean production has accumulated more than a billion hours watched around the world. Colossal figures, especially for a non-English-speaking production. If season 2 of The witcher will probably not have the same success, it can go familiar with the holders of the title in its category, such as The Bridgertons Chronicle or Stranger Things. For that, it will have to reach the 625 million hours watched.

Since the implementation of a new calculation method at Netflix, which no longer counts the number of users who have launched the viewing of a series, the cards have been redistributed. This makes it possible to exclude from the classification the productions which have aroused the curiosity of subscribers, without the latter having watched the content in its entirety.

A season 3 already in the works

Even before the release of this new season, Netflix had confirmed that a season 3 was on the program. Now, we know a little more about this new chapter inspired by the second novel: The Time of Contempt. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has confirmed that script writing is complete. So we shouldn’t have to wait another two years.

As a reminder, it was mainly the pandemic and the injury to Henry Cavill that had delayed the creation process. We can therefore hope to find it in December 2022 on our screens. Unless fate decides otherwise.

As for the plot, the story should generally respect the plot of the novels. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has also confided that it was her favorite work of the saga. If she took some liberties compared to the writings of Andrzej Sapkowski in the past, we can expect to find the key elements of the story. During a panel in Italy, she said: “It’s a really fun season, and it follows one book in particular, has a lot of action, death… and death”. We will undoubtedly have to resolve to say our goodbyes to several characters.

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