Second-generation AirPods on offer for 115 euros


The price of AirPods has been going down in recent months And right now finding second-generation ones for just over € 100 is really a bargain. We are sure that these headphones do not need any introduction and since everyone knows that they are Apple AirPods.

With the more than certain arrival of a new generation during this same month of September or even before the end of the year, it is normal to find this type of offer in stores. In this case, it is Amazon, but there are many other stores that have such bargains for second-generation Apple AirPods.

Buy your AirPods here for 115 euros

It is an “old” AirPods model but it can really be the perfect product for many users who do not want to spend a lot on headphones and want to have all the advantages that AirPods offer when connecting with the iPhone or any other computer. Manzana. Also logically the sound quality of these headphones is really goodIn this sense, there is no need to hesitate for a second.

The only thing that can make us think that this is not a purchase for us is literally waiting for a new product that will supposedly arrive during the last months of this year, without an official release date far from it. These AirPods with Apple’s H1 chip are with this price “a candy” for users of the products of the Cupertino firm.

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