Second-hand iPhone? Bad time to buy, good time to sell

The presentation of the new iPhone 14 is very close. Little more than a week separates us from Tuesday, September 7, the day chosen by Apple to, one more year, show us the BiE (Best iPhone Ever), in what seems to be proof that the production problems in China, as a result of the closure of some of the production plants, have finally not affected the plans that, like every year (with the exception of 2020), the new iPhone is presented and hits the market in September.

So, surely many people will already be counting down the days to be able to get an iPhone 14, whether they come from the current generation, a previous one or from a model from another manufacturer. However, this should not make us forget that more options, many more, and thathe second-hand market has grown exponentially throughout the last few years. Today we can find everything from private offers on classified ad websites to online stores specializing in the refurbishment and sale of second-hand terminals with the most competitive offers.

Is it worth the second hand market? My honest opinion is yes., which poses an excellent option for those users who want to have a high-end smartphone (and not only from Apple, there are very interesting offers from other manufacturers) but who are not worried that it is not the most current generation. Just a few days ago, without going any further, I told that my mother has made the leap from an iPhone 6S Plus to an iPhone Xr, and she is delighted with her new phone, which will be able to update to iOS 16 in a few weeks.

The second-hand market is, of course, bidirectional, we can use it to buy a phone, but also to sell the one we already have. In this regard, we already gave you some recommendations a few days ago and now, just over a week after the launch of the iPhone 14, another recommendation is imposed, very importantif you are considering buying or selling a second-hand iPhone.

And it is that a determining element of the price of a second-hand iPhone is its position in the ladder of generations. The newer, the more expensive, so that the launch of a new model directly affects the price of those of previous generations. Not because these terminals lose functions, performance or anything like that, they remain exactly the same, but they are already “older”.

To verify this, we can perform a very, very simple exercise. Simply go to the official iPhone 13 purchase page on the Apple website and go to the “Apple Trade In.Get a discount of between €30 and €570 on the purchase of your new iPhone.«. Take note then of the prices paid by Apple for the delivery of a previous iPhone to get a new one. And you will only have to save that information until the moment the iPhone 14 goes on sale (not the presentation day, but the sale day). Then check Apple’s “buy-back” prices and if the iPhones already appear 13 on that list. If so, you can see for yourself the depreciation of previous generations.

This also happens in the opposite direction: if you are going to buy a second-hand iPhone, it is quite likely that you will start to find better prices on the model you want today. if you wait for the launch and sale of the iPhone 14. In this case, the change will not be so immediate, of course, but it will take a little while to start seeing some of the most interesting price drops, and that will allow you to save a few euros on your purchase.

The most difficult thing at the moment, of course, is to sell a second-hand iPhone, since there are many users who are already waiting for the arrival of the iPhone 14 with this price drop. Nevertheless, if your intention is to buy a new iPhone 11, iPhone 12 or iPhone SE in the Apple store, and give your old iPhone in exchange, it is best that you do not delay.

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