Sect assures that Jesus is a woman; they kidnap and torture those who do not believe their truth

Eastern Lightning is nicknamed as the “Most dangerous sect” and proclaims in China. The members of the self-appointed Christian sect assure that Jesus is a living woman and are accused of kidnap and kill to those people who are not believers.

Like Christians around the world, they await the return of Jesus Christ; However, the mysterious sect claims that the messiah is already on Earth and came back in the form of a Chinese woman middle-aged quotes Daily Star.

Although it was never named in its literature, Eastern Lightning thinks that the reincarnation of Jesus is a woman named Yang xiangbin who is known to the sect as Deng. The supposed messiah is also the girlfriend of the founder of the congregation, Zhao Weishan.

What is the Eastern Lightning sect?

It is a Christian sect that has been named as “the most dangerous sect in China” according to local media and is also known as The Church of Almighty God that was founded in 1991 in that Asian nation. It currently has a congregation of between three and four million loyal fans.

After a church sister in 1991 received the word of the Holy Spirit and testified the name of God, it was what gave rise to Eastern Lightning.

”Everyone was excited, but did not understand what was happening. Then Christ began to speak, making speeches one after another. People passed them by and felt that they were the words of the Holy Spirit, and surely of God, ”quotes the Daily Star.

In 1995, the Chinese government banned the practice of the sect and cataloged her as a “Xie Jiao”, a evil cult. According to anonymous scholars cited by Daily Star, the group uses violence, coercion and intimidation both to recruit and maintain your congregation.

The members of the sect leave all their belongings and abandon their families. Eastern Lightning particularly seeks single women and members of “house churches” which are groups of people who meet illegally in China.

In 2002, the sect kidnapped 34 members from a network of Protestant house churches, he held them captive for two weeks in an attempt to convert them to his sect. In 2014, a woman was beaten to death by the sect all for refusing to give his cell phone number to a recruiting group.

With information from Daily Star.


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