Secure your cabinets and drawers with this smart lock

A smart lock for your furniture

The catalog of home automation devices has grown significantly in recent years. Today there are all kinds of solutions, some of them can even be used for other types of cases or needs that surely were not thought at first. But that’s the good thing about technology, getting new uses from existing ideas and devices.

An example would be smart locks like Nuki’s proposal that some use with the doors of their rooms in shared flats or sensors for doors and windows. The latter are initially designed so that if you leave the door and / or the window open and even if someone opens it for unauthorized access, you can receive an alert to act accordingly to the need of the moment.

Well, there are those who have been using these sensors for other types of things such as knowing when someone with whom they lived would or would not have a drawer, furniture, etc. Of course, although it has its utility, it is not the ideal device to secure your belongings in this type of cabinets or drawers. Therefore, it would be necessary to look for a solution and that is this smart lock for cabinets and drawers.

The Yale Smart Cabinet Lock it does not need many explanations on a physical level. It is a device made up of two parts. A main one that would go to the upper, base or side area and would be in charge of blocking the second piece that would go to the drawer or door of the furniture. In this way, without the need to use any type of external latch that could be removed internally or even a padlock.

Okay, by using force you can surely “tear” it from where it is located, but this is not an infallible measure, it is simply a barrier or impediment that is put to prevent, for example, the most curious or the smallest of the look at home and fiddle where you shouldn’t.

Imagine, for example, the medicine cabinet, where you have alcoholic drinks or a drawer where you have work documents and it is accessible at the height of the smallest of the house. The one that they could mess if they open can be epic, so better be safe.

A highly compatible mini lock

The Yale Smart Drawer and Cabinet Lock is compatible with Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Samsung SmartThings. Something interesting because it is not easy to find devices capable of offering support for each current platform and voice assistant.

Another interesting aspect is that there is a simple pack that makes the control or, rather, connection is made via Bluetooth, while a second would include a small bridge for the connection to be carried out via Wifi. Here each one decides, above all it is necessary to take into account the range of action.

For the rest, the lock uses a CR2 battery, they indicate that it has plenty of autonomy and that before it runs out you receive notifications so that you can change it before it runs out completely.

Price and availability

The Yale Smart Cabinet Loock is not available for sale yet, but will be available shortly. About the price, it will oscillate the 40 or 50 euros a little more maybe. And it will surely be for sale through the Amazon store that has the brand.

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