Secure your home with this Ring Alarm kit at the best price

One of the great advantages that the deployment of home automation has given us is that it is no longer entirely necessary to hire a security company to protect our home. There is a wide variety of alarm kits that we can easily install ourselves and that will save us having to pay a subscription every month. One of the most interesting kits currently on sale is the RingAlarmwhich is today sale with a 42% discount. A difficult offer to refuse.

Take the Ring Alarm 5-piece kit at an incredible price

The Ring Alarm is one of the most advanced kits currently on the market. It is a totally versatile product, as it can be configured with different components depending on our needs.

Ring Alarm was born as an independent product, but was acquired by Amazon in 2018. The second generation of the Ring ecosystem is extremely complete, and there are very varied kits that start from the 5-piece kit to the 13-piece kit. Plus, peripherals are sold separately so you can build the perfect set.

If you’re thinking of building your own security system to protect your home from intruders, the starter kit Ring Alarm is on today offer. Its recommended PVP is about 309.98 euros, but today it is for sale for 179.99 euros. A 42% savings. The offer will end as soon as supplies run out.

What does the 5-piece Ring Alarm offer?

amazon ring alarm

This is the basic starter kit, and the one that any user who wants to start building a smart home alarm system should buy. The pack includes the Base station, which is the core of any Ring Alarm installation, as it is where we connect the rest of the peripherals in the ecosystem. It also has the keyboard that we will place at the entrance of the house to place the password and deactivate the alarm.

As to sensors, the five-piece kit has a motion sensor and a contact sensor (which is usually placed on windows). The fifth component of the kit is a range extender. However, even if it is the five-piece kit, we can categorically state that There are 6 elements that come in this kitbecause at no additional cost, we can also get hold of the Ring Indoor Camwhich is a totally wireless surveillance camera that we can use as a complement.

From here, the ideal is that you buy the sensors and cameras that you see fit for your apartment or house. We recommend start with the basic equipmentlearn its operation and later, add pieces to the set.

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