Security Awareness Training, new training and training service in cybersecurity

Hornetsecurity has launched state-of-the-art training to raise awareness of companies in terms of cybersecurity. With Security Awareness Training They aim to better equip employees and counter cyberattacks, building on their international reputation as a leader in cybersecurity.

Cybercriminals keep innovating and attacks are on the rise: Hornetsecurity’s 2022 Ransomware Report reveals that 60% of attacks stem from phishing attempts. Many attackers take advantage of human vulnerability to phishing and fraud, so this new training service incorporates the human factor into the cybersecurity cycle, reinforcing this most vulnerable link in the defense chain.

Systems and tools as secure as their users

Even with the best cybersecurity solution, there is always room for human error, which is why many cybersecurity insurance providers Require awareness training for employees. Hornetsecurity’s new training underscores the importance of the individual in acting as an organization’s human firewall, and how essential each and every employee is to corporate cybersecurity, from prevention to response to protection and recovery. In this way, a sustainable safety culture will be established in companies.

A simple service that helps create a security mindset

Hornetsecurity’s automated training is innovative in its simplicity, instead of requiring a lot of maintenance by customers like other solutions. The Awareness Engine is the technological heart of the Security Awareness suite, offering tailor-made training based on needs: each user receives the training they need. Its patented spear phishing engine simulates sophisticated attacks to gain insight into how to react to them.

To measure progress, it uses the Employee Security Index (ESI) as the only benchmark in the industry, which constantly measures and compares the security behavior of the organization and employees.

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It is available through subscription licenses, as a stand-alone tool, or as an add-on to Hornetsecurity’s email security services, such as 365 Total Protection.

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