Security Checkup: all about protecting your Instagram account

Don’t lose control of your Instagram profile

One of the worst things that can happen to you or to any other user of any current social network or platform is trying to access it and not being able to do so. For this reason, for several years now, there has been a lot of emphasis on the use of strong passwords and other methods of protection against unauthorized access.

Among all these measures the option of double safety factor it has been the most important of all. So much so that nowadays it is difficult to find platforms that do not give this option among their security options. Because by making use of a series of codes or verification methods in real time and valid only for a certain period, it becomes very complicated that, if they find out your password, you can lose control.

Well, to all those options that were already available on Instagram now a new one is added or, rather, a new section or section that will help you verify that your account is protected in the best possible way. Also helping you to recover it if necessary.

Security Checkup or Security Check It is the name of a new section that if you do not see it already in your Instagram application, it will not take long to appear. In it you can find a series of sections to review with which you can make sure that everything is under control. These are the following:

  • Associated email
  • Mobile phone number
  • Profile information
  • Login information

In addition, you can also verify if when you connect a Facebook account, for example, it was you or not. You can even review and update personal information so that in case of losing access you can recover it when they ask you for certain verification data to verify that it is you.

WhatsApp as a double verification system and more

Along with this new section on Security Checking, Instagram also mentions how important it is to enable measures that already exist and reports a new feature that will soon arrive in a list of countries that have not yet confirmed: use WhatsApp as a two-step verification method.

That is something similar to what can be seen with Google accounts and the use of YouTube or the Google Home application as an access verification system. Facebook will use its messaging service to send messages there with the necessary numeric code to verify that it is you who is trying to access your Instagram profile.

A solution that comes to replace the use of SMS text messages, an option that is also valid despite the problems that have existed in the past due to techniques such as SIM swapping. And that, by the way, is very easy to activate:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS phone
  2. Go to Settings setting from Instagram
  3. Select option Safety
  4. Now choose Two-step authentication
  5. There you will see two options: text message and Authentication application
  6. Choose the option that interests you the most (you can choose both if you want) and follow the steps indicated.

Instagram protection measures

In summary, with these news from Instagram, it could be said that the social network significantly improves its security measures. So there should be no problems with unwanted access or regain control. But if you think so, a summary with the recommendations that Facebook gives now that it has new tools.

  • Use the two-step verification: regardless of the method you prefer when receiving the code, from SMS to those future WhatsApp messages, this is a basic measure since everyone should have active

  • Update email data and telephone. This is important if you want to be able to recover your account in case of losing control and even if whoever accesses the account quickly changes your personal information associated with this.

  • Instagram will never contact by DM. This is an online safety first, but still many users end up falling. Social networks and other online platforms will never contact you via direct message to request possible security codes to access an account. So if you receive a message asking you to provide this code (from whatever app it is), never give it

  • Report questionable content and accounts. This measure is more focused on prevention, but if you receive any messages or see activity in profiles of dubious reputation: report them so that they can verify whether or not they are breaking the rules and putting the safety of other users at risk.

  • Enable login request. This option allows you to receive a notification indicating if someone is trying to log into your account and from where, regardless of whether it is a mobile device or browser. If Instagram does not know it, it will alert you and it will be you who indicates if you have knowledge and want to allow it to do so or not, to log in. In addition, in this option you can also see the devices that have done it in the past, in case you want to revoke access to a specific one

How to recover a hacked Instagram account

Safety, security and safety

As you can see, all the security measures are always few when it comes to protecting those accounts where we can have information or data of great personal value. Instagram is a service that, although sometimes used in a banal way, on other occasions it serves to have a history of photos and moments with great sentimental value. Not counting those who manage to make use of said network their way of generating income.

Therefore, it is important to know and take advantage of each security measure that is given. Because prevention is better than cure.

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