See what offers on Newskill keyboards, small in size and price!

The Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro Ivory keyboard is characterized by eliminating the numeric keypad, having optomechanical switches and wrist rest. While the Nerwskill Pyros Ivory keyboard is a 60% wireless type mechanical keyboard that is compatible with smartphones. Two excellent small-size keyboard solutions for all kinds of tastes and/or needs.

Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro Ivory, without keypad

Keyboards that are precisely the numeric keypad is missing. Many video game fans do not use it and prefer to buy a keyboard that does not integrate it. This allows them to have more space in their setup, to have more freedom of movement when playing.

This Newskill keyboard is quite particular as it makes use of optomechanical switchesyes They are a type of hybrid switches that improves precision and performance when we play. Activation is carried out by means of an infrared light beam, which guarantees a high activation speed with much less travel.

It makes use, in particular, of GATERON Red switches, which are interchangeable. Note that these switches have a life of 100 million keystrokes, which is a huge amount of time.

Gateron switches have a hot swap mount. This mounting system allows these switches to be exchanged for other Gaterons easily and without tools. We can elevate the customization and adjustment of our keyboard to make it more suitable for our needs.

This keyboard has a system of customizable RGB lighting entirely by the user. The keys are totally independent and customizable through software. In addition, the contour of the keyboard and the wrist rest also offers support for RGB lighting that we can customize by software.

A keyboard of high quality and features for those fans of video games and, with a reduced size. Also, white keyboards are much more eye-catching than conventional black keyboards.

Newskill Pyros Ivory of type 60%

Many gamers enjoy gaming platforms other than PC. The smartphone gameswhether they are Android or iOS They are becoming quite popular. But you can also play on PC, so you need a solution that works for PC, smartphone and even console.

We start with its form factor, and we are talking about a 60% type keyboard. They are keyboards that eliminate all the “superfluous” keys, leaving the main keys such as the letters, the top row of numbers and the complement-specific keys. Function keys, keys such as home, end or scroll lock, as well as the numeric keypad and arrow keys are eliminated. Everything is integrated into the other keys and activated by a specific FN key.

This keyboard has mechanical switches, which are known OUTEMU Network. They are very good quality switches that offer more than 50 million resistance presses. Come on, we will have a keyboard for many years. Also, as you well know, Red-types are considered very good for video games.

We can use it without cable or with cable, as we need at all times (or we feel like it). Has the technology wireless connectivity, which allows us to connect via Bluetooth to any device and have a performance similar to that of a cable connection. Integrate this keyboard a 1450mAh batterywhich gives us a duration of more than 58 hours without backlight and almost 10 hours with backlight.

It has a system customizable RGB lighting with 17 effects and can also be customized via software. Also note that it is compatible with PCs, laptops, iOS, Android and consoles, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

The truth is that it is a very interesting keyboard, ideal if you want a minimalist setup. It is also a very good option if we move a lot with a laptop, since it does not even weigh 600 grams.

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