SEGA and Microsoft team up to create Super Game

Announced over the weekend, and following Microsoft’s most recent expansion moves, not a few have feared that the Redmond giant’s new deal with SEGA was related to the acquisition of the same. However, as the Japanese company has shared in an official statement, it is intended to create the so-called “Super Game”, a strategic alliance that will benefit both companies.

In fact, this new alliance is not even oriented as a distribution agreement intended to bring the games of the Japanese company to Microsoft platforms (many of which were in fact already present prior to this agreement), but rather It is a very ambitious project that will go through joint production of new games with the vision of «adapt to the new reality of the industry and of the players themselves«.

Although in fact, Microsoft’s cloud platforms will take another of the fundamental roles in this alliance, assuring from SEGA that they seek «work with Microsoft to anticipate these trends as they accelerate further in the future […] the goal is to streamline development processes and continue to deliver high-quality experiences to players using Azure cloud technologies«.

On the other hand, the Super Game initiative will also benefit the company itself. SEGA, who will have the network infrastructure and tools for online services on a global scale offered by Microsoft, accessing development, production and distribution resources that will allow you to grow and adapt quickly to new generation systems and future trends that may arise in the video game industry.

Definitely, this new initiative will significantly streamline the development processes of the next deliveries, in addition to the recently announced new SEGA Insights Lab program, with which the developer now receives feedback from its players around the world.

And it is that without a doubt SEGA seems determined to evolve, leaving behind its great past with tough decisions such as the closure of the mythical historical arcade of Tokyo, and taking the initiative to adapt in advance to what seems to be the inevitable future of this industry.

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